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Healthier No Bake Chocolatey Oat Cookies

Healthier-No-Bake-Chocolatey-Oat-Cookies Further Food

Make these easy no bake chocolate oat cookies in just a few minutes. We love this healthier version of a chocolate cookie-no refined sugars or white flours here! The added collagen amps up protein and provides other benefits, including a healthier gut and stronger hair and nails.

Make a big batch and freeze some so you have a healthy, delicious treat on hand.


Further Food Commentary:

Unflavored collagen powder is so versatile. You can mix it into any drink like coffee and smoothies, but you can also bake with it. Simply mix in with the other ingredients -there won't be any change in texture or taste. And you'll get the bonus benefits of collagen including a healthier gut and smoother skin.


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