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High Protein Spinach Pancakes (Paleo, No-Sugar Added)

High-Protein-Spinach-Pancakes-Paleo-No-Sugar-Added Further Food

What do you make if you have a big bunch of fresh spinach? Chances are not pancakes but don’t say no before you try it. I first discovered I can make spinach pancakes while reading one of my favorite cookbooks, inspired by Nordic cuisine. I made them once and since then I keep thinking of them.

Spinach Pancakes, a Finnish inspired recipe

The book I was talking about is The Nordic Cookbook, by Magnus Nilsson, and if you are interested in exploring the Nordic cuisine I totally recommend it. You can also see more about Magnus Nilsson on Chef’s Table, Season 1, Episode 6. Spoiler: he is running a restaurant in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, hard to get to, and as you can imagine you need a booking :).

Back to pancakes, I was inspired to make a lectin-free, grain-free, dairy-free version of the Finnish pancakes: pinaattiletutwhen I saw the recipe in the book. They were quite simple: flour, milk, eggs, spinach. Not only I replaced the wheat flour with cassava and almond flours, but I added way more spinach. The milk was replaced with a mix of full-fat coconut and hemp milk; you can use only one if you wish, I wanted the fat of the coconut milk but I didn’t want the taste to be overpowered by coconut, hence I mixed in some original, unsweetened hemp milk.

It took me few trials until I found the right quantity of flour; if not enough flour they’ll be too soft. Mine came out perfect in the end, but you might need to make your own adjustments. Collagen isn’t necessary but it’s a nice nutritional boost for these pancakes. I use Premium Marine Collagen from Further Food.

When it comes to toppings, even if they are savory pancakes, I like them with warm blueberries (I use wild frozen blueberries and bring them to a boil in a sauce pan). But you can get creative and use them the way you feel. I also eat the leftovers, cold, just as they are or next to another meal. They also make a nice lunchbox addition.

Further Food Commentary:

These pancakes make a great breakfast for people following the paleo diet or anyone who is looking for a new healthy breakfast option. With 38 grams of fat coming from the almond flour, coconut milk and eggs and 24 grams of protein from the marine collagen, eggs, and spinach these pancakes will keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.


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