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Kipper Fillets with Roasted Vegetables (Low FODMAP)

Low FODMAP Fish Fillet with Roasted Vegetables|Low FODMAP Gluten Free Dairy Free Fish Recipe|Low FODMAP Fish Fillet with Roasted Vegetables|Low FODMAP Fish Fillet with Roasted Vegetables|||Low FODMAP Fish Fillet with Roasted Vegetables

After experimenting with lots of tinned fish during my time on the Elimination Protocol, I found I loved tinned kippers! I was excited to try some fresh ones and they didn’t disappoint. I love roasted vegetables as it really brings out the sweetness, and the crispy beans are so good! I have this for lunch, but you could add more veggies for a main meal. The recipe for the kippers and roast veg is really simple and makes a lovely breakfast or lunch.

Further Food Commentary:

Kippers are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory and heart protective! By serving carrots and kippers together you are allowing for maximum absorption of the carrots' beta-carotene, thanks to the healthy fat from the fish. Since many people will likely enjoy kippers from a can/tin, look for those “with bones” as the bones contain both calcium and vitamin D - a vitamin rarely found in foods. Just be careful not to choke on them! When eating tinned fish keep in mind they may be high in sodium, so if you are salt sensitive look for fresh kippers instead.

By Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN


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