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No Bean Beef Chili (Paleo, Keto)

No-Bean-Beef-Chili-Paleo-Keto Further Food

This no bean beef chili is Keto and whole30 and filled with rich, meaty flavor! It’s an easy meal to throw together and you can use either the slow cooker or instant pot to do all the work. With only 6 main ingredients plus some seasonings, this is such a quick weeknight meal and a hearty chili option that’s also low-carb!

Further Food Commentary:

"We love this no-bean beef chili, especially for those who are keto, paleo or generally following a low carb diet! Each serving contains 3g of net carbs with only 2g of sugar, and packs 80% of your daily Vitamin C needs, making this the perfect winter dish for when you want a warm and satisfying meal with an immunity boost!"


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