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Oatmeal and Inflammation: An Anti Inflammatory Breakfast

Oatmeal and Inflammation: An Anti Inflammatory Breakfast

Is Oatmeal Okay For Anti Inflammatory Breakfast?

Is oatmeal anti-inflammatory? Recently, I’ve been on a turmeric kick. This powerful spice contains active enzymes that fight inflammation, protect our body against free radical damage, and in some studies have even proven to lower the risk of cancer. Combined with ginger, the spices in Superfood Turmeric will help to fight an upset stomach, ease digestion, and reduce any inflammation you might be experiencing. The sweet, but also savory combination of taste, makes this oatmeal perfect for any time of the day. Sometimes I eat this for breakfast topped with a sliced banana. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little more adventurous, I top this with fresh spinach and a fried egg for a mid day pick me up. What would you top this vitamin rich bowl of oatmeal with? Go ahead, be creative!

Further Food Commentary:

I always recommend having oatmeal for breakfast, and Samantha has come up with a great way to boost the health benefits of this morning staple. Aside from the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and the digestive ease of ginger, this recipe contains soluble fiber, protein, and fats-all of which make a well-rounded breakfast to start your day off right. Cinnamon is my favorite addition to any meal to add sweetness and flavor without adding sugar. Add the egg white for a protein boost and swap out coconut milk for another milk or milk substitute if you are watching your intake of saturated fats.

By Katie Bishop, MS, Nutritionist


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