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Protein-Packed, Low Sugar, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolate Pie

Protein-Packed-Low-Sugar-Melt-In-Your-Mouth-Chocolate-Pie Further Food

I came up with this dessert recipe when I was trying to incorporate more soy products, which are rich in phytoestrogens, into my diet. Without an insider tip, you’d never guess the healthy secret in this rich chocolate pie. Organic, non-GMO tofu is a perfect ingredient to work with! Creamy and smooth when blended, tofu is a great substitute for high-calorie ingredients like cream cheese in this type of recipe. Dark chocolate and cocoa powder compliment the nutty flavor of soy, and just a touch of stevia brings a little extra sweetness without adding extra calories.

Further Food Commentary:

Who knew a delicious treat could be good for you too? With tofu as the filler for this dessert, the protein content is boosted and the fat is kept to a minimum without sacrificing texture and taste. Tofu is a great source of manganese, an essential nutrient thought to work with calcium in bone formation and other chemical processes of the body, calcium and iron. Dark chocolate is a known (and tasty!) antioxidant that fights cell-destroying, free radicals. As a matter of fact, if chocolate is what you really crave in a dessert, you can leave off the pie crust and lower the carb count. As always, treats should be eaten in moderation and reserved for special occasions.


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