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Raw Kale Salad with Wintry Mix-Ins

Raw-Kale-Salad-with-Wintry-Mix-Ins Further Food

This salad is a great way to start off a holiday meal: it’s light, refreshing, and raw! Here, our superstar kale is paired with sweet-tart cranberries, toasted hazelnut, and crisp pear, to make a salad that all will enjoy. The enzymes in raw foods are important in helping you digest the rest of your meal, so load up before diving into the rest of your feast.

Further Food Commentary:

You’re thinking, kale, again? But there’s a reason this darling of the leafy green kingdom is all the rage. More calcium per gram than milk, a great source of vitamins A and B6, and more vitamin C than a serving of orange juice, kale packs in the nutrients. It stands up to salad dressing - it wilts just enough to make for easier chewing when massaged with olive oil, yet maintains its heft where other greens can’t. When combined with health-boosting fats like hazelnuts, the fat-soluble vitamins in kale are better absorbed. And as for antioxidant power and fiber, kale and cranberries have you covered!


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