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Raw Vegan Brownie Bites

Raw-Vegan-Brownie-Bites Further Food

Not only are these brownie bites rich and decadent, but they are also completely raw, vegan, and easy to make. I have made it a point to remove any processed sugar from my diet and eat organic whenever possible. I have found that removing processed sugars reduces my colitis symptoms, and instead I enjoy the natural sugars found in foods such as fruit. This recipe works for me because the combination of dates and cacao create a very sweet, natural, chocolate flavor without any added sugar. Of course, the ingredients can be easily adjusted to suit your personal tastes. These brownie bites are easy to take on the go as a quick snack, and to satisfy your sweet tooth anywhere the craving hits you.

Further Food Commentary:

Vince has had an incredible success story - and there are many ingredients in these brownies that can be great substitutes for sugar. The use of dates and nectar are very clever, and lucuma powder is a newer superfood that sweetens your food in a healthful way, packed with antioxidants.

However, please note that these brownies many not be necessarily good for everyone with colitis. While tolerance for different foods is individual, many people with colitis don’t do well with nuts or raw foods in general. The actual hard pieces of a nut could irritate the inflamed intestine. So only make this if you can tolerate nuts!


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