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Spinach Lasagna (Gluten-Free, Vegetarian)

Spinach-Lasagna-Gluten-Free-Vegetarian Further Food

Real kids may eat spinach, but my two real kids are quite vocal when it comes to HOW they’ll eat it. While they’ll both willingly eat some raw baby leaves mixed into a salad, they’re pickier when it comes to cooked spinach. It’s definitely a texture thing, and I totally get it.

For this meatless lasagna you can puree the spinach and cheese mixture to whatever extent you want. You could honestly blend the spinach into oblivion, leaving behind just a pretty green cheese layer without a single leaf or stem. I chose to pulse about half of the spinach, so that the vegetable was still noticeable. Both of my children let me know their very judgy thoughts about this decision!

Further Food Commentary:

This kid-approved spinach lasagna makes an excellent dinner option for the whole family! Many people are dairy-free these days (and you can use dairy substitutes for this dish if you please), but the ricotta and mozzarella cheese load this lasagna up with calcium - one serving provides you with almost half (45%) of your daily calcium needs! Each serving also packs 4g of fiber and 20g of protein so this dish is sure to fill you up and keep you satiated! Lastly, the spinach contributes a good amount of iron to each serving which is so important since many of us are low in this essential mineral!


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