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Super Fluffy, Super Easy Coffee Cake

Super-Fluffy-Super-Easy-Coffee-Cake Further Food

You will love this super fluffy and easy coffee cake! Added bonus: it has a protein boost from Further Food vanilla collagen as well as almond flour and walnuts in the crumble. I don’t like my cakes too sweet, so I decreased the sugar in the cake batter (vs. most other classic coffee cake recipes out there) and increased the eggs so it’s more like a fluffy cake you’d find in an Asian bakery….only it’s so much healthier to make at home since you can use organic ingredients. And it only takes about 10 mins prep time, which is another reason to love this easy coffee cake recipe.

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been craving cake, pastries, sweet carbs every morning! This is a pretty radical departure from my pre-pregnancy days when I’d fast until at least 10am and then have yogurt with berries (and collagen of course!) or a healthy smoothie like this one. Early in my first trimester, I’d just eat more store-bought things since this cake craving was so new for me! But as I progressed later in the first trimester, I started experimenting and baking more! This healthish coffee cake has become my new favorite morning pregnancy treat! And everyone who’s had some loves it too!

I try to use organic ingredients where I can in this recipe. Feel free to experiment and modify it yourself to your taste buds! You can sub pecans for the walnuts or omit them altogether. You can add more or less collagen – I use vanilla collagen since it’s my favorite flavor and it really amps up the vanilla in the cake. But you can use Further Food’s unflavored bovine or marine collagen. Or omit if you’d like! Hope you enjoy this easy coffee cake as much as I do! xoxo, Lillian

Further Food Commentary:

Further Food Vanilla Collagen is the perfect addition to your baked goods. It won't change the consistency of your recipe and it'll add a dreamy vanilla flavor, without the extra sugar! Further Food's Vanilla Collagen is keto and paleo friendly. Plus, it contains tremella mushroom, which has been used for centuries in Ancient Chinese medicine for skin hydration and health!


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