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Superfood Matcha Maca Collagen Energy Balls

Superfood-Matcha-Maca-Collagen-Energy-Balls Further Food

I’m not usually one to brag, but you’ve got to try these energy balls. I named them “SFG” for “Super Food / Super Feel-Good” …because they do make you feel good ;). They are loaded with our favorite super foods, including green tea, grass fed Further Food Collagen, coconut, flax + chia seeds, and maca! There is 21 mg of caffeine per ball.


Have you been hearing more and more about collagen peptides, but not exactly sure what the heck they are?

I came across them about 9 months ago on Instagram. I read that they can help with / heal leaky gut (among other things). I believe in food as medicine, so it didn’t take me long to purchase + try them.

The benefits are endless, but here are a few things they can help you with:

I honestly attribute a lot of my healing process to collagen peptides. As my previous blog mentions, I use 1-2 scoops a day. One in my morning matcha latte, and maybe one more in an afternoon smoothie, homemade Acai bowl, or a dinner dish. I also follow a AIP diet most of the time (if not AIP, then just Paleo), so that has also assisted in healing my leaky gut.

My skin is as clear as ever (No lie!). I had adult acne and imperfections. I now feel 100% fine walking out of the house with just moisturizer on my face… I never ever thought I would be one of those girls.

Further Food Commentary:

Since matcha's made from high quality, it's a more potent source of nutrients than steeped tea leaves. With it's antioxidant rich properties, from polyphenols and EGCG it has been tired to fight against blood pressure reduction, blood sugar regulation, cancer and heart disease. Chia seeds contain a great source of soluable fiber, which is helpful for lowering LDL 'bad' cholesterol.' Specifically, with 10 g of fiber in each 2 tablespoon serving, you can't beat that! In addition, chia seeds are rich in protein, calcium, antioxidants and omega 3s. They are one of the richest plant based sources of alpha linoleic acid, aiding in the reduction of inflammation, high cholesterol, and enhancing cognitive performance.


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