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Vanilla Chai Collagen Protein Smoothie

Vanilla-Chai-Collagen-Protein-Smoothie Further Food

So simple, yet so irresistible—this Vanilla Chai Collagen Protein Smoothie will make any morning better. Take just two bananas, almond milk, vanilla and spices, and you’ll have a sweet, creamy smoothie for breakfast. Banana is rich in vitamin C and magnesium, helping you maintain a strong immune system and a healthy beating heart. The dairy-free almond milk is exceptional in helping build stronger bones and muscles, along with the added collagen peptides! They not only keep your bones healthy, they also aid in digestion and in getting rid of those painful ulcers, getting you fresh for the day. And the best part is the vanilla: did you know it can provide antioxidants, important in washing out free radicals from our bodies and strengthening our organs? You’ll be enjoying this Vanilla Chai Collagen Protein Smoothie until the last sip.

Further Food Commentary:

I am a huge fan of anything chai, especially because it is a wonderful mixture of warming spices that have numerous potential health benefits. The simplicity of this smoothie makes it a great choice for breakfast or as a post-workout recovery snack, thanks to the combination and ratio of carbs to protein. Collagen adds the finishing touch of extra nutrients, while also improving the smoothie consistency.


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