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Vanilla Collagen Coffee Frappuccino

Vanilla-Collagen-Coffee-Frappuccino Further Food

Move over, Starbucks! This homemade Vanilla Collagen Coffee Frappuccino will satisfy all of your frosty coffee cravings! Make this healthier version of the usually sugar-filled, popular drink by keeping it low in sugar, and even high in protein. Add dreamy vanilla flavor and a boost of protein with a scoop of Further Food Vanilla Collagen. Make this with decaf coffee, if caffeine isn’t for you, or make it with regular coffee to kickstart your day. It’s creamy, rich, and can be as sweet as you make it.

No matter the time of day, this frozen treat will surely put a smile on your face! Make this anytime you need a pick-me-up.

Further Food Commentary:

Unsweetened almond milk contains up to 80% fewer calories than regular dairy milk. Using it as a replacement for cow's milk could be an effective weight loss strategy. Unsweetened almond milk is naturally low in sugar, making it suitable for those restricting their sugar intake, such as people with diabetes. However, many varieties are sweetened, so it is still important to check the nutrition label.


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