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Vanilla Collagen Paleo Protein Banana Pancakes

Vanilla-Collagen-Paleo-Protein-Banana-Pancakes Further Food

Since trying to be completely gluten-free for IBS purposes, I’ve found it challenging to eat breakfast. I love eggs and toast but at the moment I can’t have that. Oats are also off the table for me, so I decided to create my own pancake recipe that won’t disappoint. With adding Further Food vanilla collagen to the mix, I get the amazing flavor, protein AND collagen, which is amazing for gut health. Hope you guys enjoy these Vanilla Collagen Paleo Protein Banana Pancakes as much as I did!

Further Food Commentary:

These pancakes are great for anyone following the paleo diet or just looking for a healthy way to start the day. With 8 grams of fat per serving from the almond butter and 20 grams of protein per serving from the vanilla collagen and egg these pancakes will keep you full and satisfied throughout the day!


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