9 Health Benefits of Cardamom That You Need To Know


You’ve probably heard of spices such as cinnamon, clove, and black pepper, but have you ever encountered cardamom? Cardamom is a natural spice that you should take some hefty notes on. Why? Because cardamom has plenty of incredible health benefits that you may be missing out on. If you want a little more variety in your meal planning, take a moment to learn more about the wonders and health benefits of cardamom.

But first and foremost, what exactly is cardamom? Cardamom is a spice that originated in southern India and some of its neighboring countries (Bhutan, Indonesia, and Nepal). Today cardamom has found itself being grown in various other countries, including Sri Lanka, Indo China, and even Guatemala. Cardamom plants are tall, ginger-like, and laborious; however it is the three seeds within the pod that are what we consider the true spice. These dark seeds are the reasons for growing cardamom in the first place. Once they’re grounded up (although you can use the whole pod, too) and ready for consumption, your body will thank you! They were called the “Queens of spices” back in 11th century India for a reason!

Cardamom Health Benefits:

So here are 9 natural health benefits of cardamom that’ll make you want to give this South Asian spice a go!


  1. Want some detox help? Try Cardamom!

Cardamom has phenomenal detoxing health benefits. This detoxifying agent is able to help waste pass through the kidneys thanks to its essential oils. Without proper detoxification, your body can have a poor balance of free radicals and toxins, which can lead to the development of different diseases. Cardamom spices’ health benefits and detoxifying properties can help benefit your skin too! The oils and biochemicals within cardamom help your metabolism eliminate toxins, which can help in preventing premature aging.

Part of why cardamom is such a great detoxifying agent is because of its diuretic properties. A health benefit of cardamom spice is that it removes waste from salt, excess water, and waste from the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys. Balance is key to a healthy body, and cardamom can help you achieve that balance naturally!


  1. Natural cancer prevention!

While a full-proof cure for cancer is still in the making, cardamom has been proven to have the ability to aid in the prevention of cancer. By helping to reduce inflammation, cardamom provides amazing health benefits by helping to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

One particular kind of cancer that has seen astonishing results from the administration of cardamom is colorectal cancer. To emphasize how incredibly important this is, it’s important to note that colorectal cancer, and cancer in general, are one of the leading causes of deaths across the globe. A study at the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute in Kolkata revealed that the usage of dietary cardamom within patients yielded a reduction of colorectal cancer rates to almost 50% (48% to be more exact)! Similar studies have been done on mice as well, yielding similar results that reflect the spice’s ability to fight cancer cell growth and encourage cancer cell destruction naturally.


  1. It’s got anti-depressant properties.

Cardamom already wowed us with its cancer preventive health benefits. Now here’s another health benefit of cardamom for you-there’s well-justified belief that it also has anti-depressant properties, too! There are two major ways that cardamom spice benefits who suffer from depression. One way is to simply boil a few of the cardamom seeds in water. Have that concoction with your tea on a daily basis and it is said to help you relax.

Another health benefit of cardamom is that it can treat depression naturally is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can fight many conditions that challenge the body: headaches, anxiety, pain, and the inability to sleep. Interestingly enough, the essential oils found in cardamom are actually one of the most prominent oils utilized in the practice of aromatherapy! The use of cardamom in aromatherapy can help improve digestion, and also contribute to the prevention and cure of some stomach disorders.

So whether it’s to relieve a bit of stress or a complement to depression treatment, cardamom may be the answer!


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  1. Great for your heart!

It’s basic knowledge that heart health is super important, and so is it not just amazing news that another health benefit of cardamom spice is that it can promote a healthy heart? One of cardamom’s health benefits is that it contains plenty of fiber and other micronutrients that contribute to the maintenance of heart functions. Fiber helps lower cholesterol levels, and because cardamom is also a fantastic natural antioxidant, even more enzymes are working together with fiber to control and manage your cholesterol levels.

Cardamom helps with other areas of the heart too. It can lower your blood pressure, prevent hypertension, and lower your heartbeat to a more controlled pace. The Harvard Medical School once released a report claiming that heart experts typically make sure to have cardamom in their dinners – it’s a key ingredient.


  1. Enhances your digestive health.

Oh, digestion. What a sensitive topic. Thankfully cardamom is here to help! This isn’t so surprising considering cardamom is related to ginger. Cardamom has methanolic extract within it. This natural alcohol, which can act as an acid or a base depending on circumstances (for our chemistry friends out there), can aid in the control of gastrointestinal disorders and ailments, including stomach cramps, acid reflux, flatulence, heartburn, diarrhea, and acidity. For those who need a little extra help when it comes to your digestive system, give cardamom a shot. Considering the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits of cardamom, incorporating it into your diet can be a huge help for the metabolism. Cardamom is known to support the secretion of bile acid within the stomach, and bile acid is especially critical for absorbing fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

Remember when we mentioned that cardamom was particularly effective in preventing colorectal cancer? This is a great connection to make. The colon is the final step in the digestive system, and cardamom works its magic throughout the intestines.

Another digestive health benefit of cardamom? The ancient spice can also be very helpful in the treatment of nausea and vomiting. It can reduce the duration of nausea and the frequency of vomiting, making it quite the tonic.


  1. An asthma remedy!

Moving away from one system to the other, cardamom provides another health benefit in that it can also help fight asthma and its symptoms, such as coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Your respiratory system can benefit from the spice based on its crude extracts and anti-inflammatory properties. Cardamom can help naturally open windpipes that were once constricted, relax mucus membranes and tracheal tissues, and improve blood circulation for the lungs.

Further research is still in process for this particular health benefit of cardamom, but experts are leaning more towards green cardamom for its aid in other respiratory diseases besides asthma, like bronchitis.


  1. Soothe a sore throat!

Yes, there’s another remedy that’s worth a try for your poor throat. Cardamom’s health benefits can even help to treat sore throats by naturally reducing irritation. For a more effective approach, combine cardamom and cinnamon – cinnamon will help finish the job thanks to its antibacterial properties. Boil the spices together in water and you’ve got a fantastic, non-artificial sore throat remedy.


  1. Improves your hair and scalp health!

Cardamom doesn’t just work internally – it can leave you looking great, too! The antibacterial and antioxidant health benefits of cardamom are complimentary for your scalp, nourishing the skin and treating any present scalp infections. It also nourishes your hair follicles. All you have to do is prepare cardamom-enhanced water (a mixture of cardamom powder and water) and use it along with your shampoo or conditioner. Cardamom can help improve your hair strength and shine. So, you can feel good and look good, too!


  1. Enhances your oral health!

We know what you’re thinking right now. This is too good to be true. Cardamom already supports the hair and scalp, yet we’re telling you there’s a natural oral health benefit too? Absolutely! The health benefits of cardamom spice even help fight bad breath! Cardamom’s strong flavor and scent comes from its essential oil. While the taste itself can contribute to the stimulation of your salivary collection (thereby preventing dental cavities), it also freshens up your breath. This treatment of bad breath can be particularly effective if you try mixing cardamom with other spices that tackle breath, such as anise.

All this being said, you may be considering adding cardamom to your morning routine – it’ll leave you looking (and smelling) great!


Nutritional Facts:
One tablespoon of cardamom contains:

18 calories, 1.6 g fiber (6% DV), 1.4 mg manganese (68% DV), 0.8 mg iron (4% DV) , 1.2 mg Vitamin C, and 22 mg calcium (2% DV). Plus, it contains a handful of your zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, and copper. Best of all, cardamom has 0 grams of sugar.


How To Get You Daily Dose of Cardamom:

  1. Try these healthy recipes with cardamom:

Gingered Butternut Squash Soup

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Roasted Broccoli and Tri-Color Potatoes

Citrus, Avocado and Cardamom Dressing

  1. Use Daily Turmeric Tonic… Daily!  Cardamom is one of the superfood ingredients in Daily Turmeric Tonic. This chai-spiced blend of turmeric, clove, ginger, cinnamon and adaptogenic herbs can be added to hot water or milk or any recipe.


Summary of cardamom health benefits:

  • Cardamom is a ginger-like spice that originated in South Asia.
  • It’s a fantastic natural antioxidant.
  • It has anti-depressant properties that can help fight depression and induce relaxation.
  • It promotes great heart and digestive health!
  • It can be helpful for cancer and asthma treatment and symptom prevention.
  • It serves as a very effective sore throat and nausea remedy.
  • It will leave your hair looking fresh and will enhance your oral health.

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