Got Questions About Collagen? We got answers!


Collagen! It’s one of those health foods you’ve heard about in passing. Can you add it to your morning coffee? Will it help your hair? Bones? Is it just a trend? And the question that really matters: will it really improve my health? Look no further. You have collagen questions? We have answers.

1. How absorbable is Further Food Collagen Peptides in my body?

Further Food Collagen Peptides are short-chain amino acids and are highly bioavailable, meaning that the collagen is absorbed immediately. Research has shown that more than 90% of collagen is absorbed into the bloodstream within the first six hours after consumption. This means collagen can begin restoring and repairing skin, bones, joints and ligaments immediately!

2, How do I use it? How many scoops should I consume per day?

Take one to two scoops one or two times per day. More can be taken for an additional protein boost.

3. Are there any side effects?

No known side effects have been reported. We recommend not taking collagen on an empty stomach in order to prevent any intestinal discomfort that may occur during digestion of large amounts of pure protein.

4. How long will it be before I see results, and how long will the results last?

Collagen begins restoring and repairing skin, bones, joints, ligaments and your gut immediately. Clinical trials have shown visible improvements after four to eight weeks of supplementation. However, one should take collagen peptides indefinitely to combat aging because our body produces less and less collagen every year. Supplementing with Further Further Food Collagen Peptides is not a temporary fix, it’s a lifelong dedication to better health.

5. I eat a lot of protein/meat. Do I still need to take it?

Yes! Western diets are mainly composed of eating muscle-meat proteins instead of connective tissues proteins which are rich in collagen. Only collagen proteins can repair our connective tissues, ligaments, joints, skin, hair, nails, teeth and bones.

6. What does it taste like?

Further Food Collagen Peptides is tasteless and odorless, so it can be added to any drink or food without changing the taste. You can mix it and use it in a variety of recipes, click here for collagen recipe ideas.

7. What are the ingredients and how do I store it?

Further Food Collagen Peptides is made with 100% hydrolyzed collagen peptides. It’s pure protein, and free from sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or any added ingredients! Further Food Collagen Peptides should be stored at room temperature.

8. Is Collagen the same as gelatin?

No. Collagen and gelatin are both sourced from cartilage and have the same makeup of amino acids, but gelatin undergoes more extensive processing which decreases its bioavailability. Further Food Collagen Peptides helps our body to repair and replenish cells in a more effective and beneficial way than gelatin.

9. Can children use Further Food Collagen Peptides?

Yes. Further Food Collagen Peptides is tasteless and odorless, which makes it great for picky eaters. Further Food Collagen Peptides is a clean, pure protein powder without any sugar or preservatives, so parents can boost a child’s nutrition and protein intake without any harmful additives or ingredients.

10. Can diabetics use Further Food Collagen Peptides?

Absolutely! In fact, taking collagen is even more important for people with diabetes! Diabetics have high blood sugar levels which can cause breakdown of collagen through a process called glycation. This leads to faster aging and increases their need for collagen supplementation.


Do you have more questions? Ask them below in the comment section below  and we’ll answer them!


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20 thoughts on “Got Questions About Collagen? We got answers!

  1. Sara Johnston

    If I use collagen peptides in my cooking can I still put leftovers in fridge/freezer with out any significantly noticeable difference or effecting the nutritional benefits?Trying to ease my texture sensitive family into this. Thanks!

    1. Recipe Team

      Hi Sara: Thanks for the question. Yes, you can definitely store in fridge without any effect on nutritional benefit. We’ve never tried freezing the Collagen, but again it shouldn’t affect the nutritional value.

  2. nina

    Hy, What is the difference beetween collagen peptide and marine collagen?
    Does marine collagen have the same properties? Are they good for supporting workout with proteins? And for healing gut?
    Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

    1. Recipe Team

      Hi Bo: Further Food has a marine collagen, made out of wild codfish. This is a great choice for vegetarians/pescetarians. Otherwise, there is no vegan options for collagen.


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