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They Said I’d Never Get Pregnant Naturally with PCOS… Here’s How I Proved Them Wrong


“We’ll have to jump through hoops one day to get you pregnant.”


I still remember those words as if it was yesterday. I was 18, sitting on the exam table in the clinic at Fairfield University. I had missed five periods in a row and was experiencing other symptoms, such as hirsutism, weight gain and acne. Instead of exploring the idea that I may have PCOS, the doctor told me I was infertile. After that, at every annual OB/GYN visit, I was told how difficult it will be for me to get pregnant, but I never received a PCOS diagnosis.


I got married in my mid-twenties and, after a round of Clomid, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. My husband and I decided to practice natural family planning after that, using the Creighton Model (which relies on biomarkers to tell couples, through NaProTECHNOLOGY, when they’re naturally fertile and infertile). With that plan in place, we were confident that when we were ready to have another, it would just happen, maybe with another round of Clomid. But charting my cycles revealed that I wasn’t ovulating. It was devastating to desperately want another child and not be able to conceive, especially when all of my friends were having second babies. Every month was a cycle of anxiety and disappointment. It was one of the most emotionally difficult periods of my life.


By the time I was 30, the “jump through hoops” prediction I had heard so many years before began to haunt me. Our NaPro instructor, a registered nurse at the local hospital, was the first person to suggest that I had PCOS, which I had never even heard of. I decided to go to a family practitioner who had helped “women like me” get pregnant and blindly followed his instruction, filling prescriptions for Actos, guaifenesin, and a low dose of Clomid.


Months passed. Nothing worked. So my husband and I decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist. I had every fertility test imaginable, including the HSG or hysterosalpingogram test (an x-ray that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes), which finally resulted in an official PCOS diagnosis. I started taking Metformin (which made me sick as a dog), a higher dose of Clomid with monitored cycles and, eventually, injectables. It took many monitored cycles (actually, the last before I would have to consider IVF) before I became pregnant.


Finding out I was having another child was one of the happiest moments of my life, but after I gave birth, I did not bounce back. I couldn’t drop the pregnancy weight and I was constantly tired. At that point, I knew it was time to really heal my body and my life.


I wanted to manage my PCOS naturally, and I knew my diet was one of the biggest things that had to change. I was consuming way too many processed foods: I ate tons of sugar-free, low-carb foods, drank Diet Coke by the quart, and my idea of a healthy dinner was an Orange Glazed Chicken Lean Cuisine. So every evening I spent hours researching different diets, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

I discovered that by crowding out gluten and dairy and focusing more on whole, plant-based foods, clean protein and processed soy-free options, I was on the path to a new me. I started swapping gluten grains for brown rice and quinoa and transitioned from cow’s milk to coconut and nut milks. Cheese and ice cream slowly made their way out of my diet. What happened? The weight started to come off, my energy levels increased, my skin cleared, and my mood brightened. I just felt better.


By the time my boys were seven and four, life was good! We were eating well, I was active daily and I began making time for myself. My husband noticed the difference and starting calling me a Diva. He was right! I was looking and feeling terrific and that’s when I was inspired to start blogging about my experience, hoping to help other women struggling with the same situation.


One morning during the spring of 2008, I woke up feeling exhausted. I thought I was coming down with the flu, but I soon found out I was 11 weeks pregnant. My family welcomed a little princess in January of 2009. It felt like a miracle after doctors told me that I would never get pregnant again without fertility treatments. But truthfully, it wasn’t a miracle: I attribute this fertility drug-free pregnancy to my healthy lifestyle and finding a physical and mental balance.


PCOS Diva was launched that same year, and in 2010, I became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The birth of my little girl inspired me to set out on a mission to help women gain control of their PCOS so they can live the life they’ve always wanted. My daughter may inherit my PCOS genes, and if she does, I want her to know that having PCOS is not a negative thing. It is an opportunity to live life as a Diva — healthy, happy and more fulfilled.

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Note: PLEASE consult with  your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medications. The material on this site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


PCOS is an online resource for women with PCOS which embraces a holistic approach to healing and thriving. As the founder of PCOS Diva, Amy Medling, CHC has worked with thousands of women, teaching them how to make sustainable lifestyle changes, which in turn positively impacts their health and lessens PCOS symptoms. “PCOS Divas” are able to take back control of their bodies and regain their fertility, femininity, health and happiness. Check out her Seasonal Meal Plans, PCOS 101 guide and 7-day lifestyle coaching Jumpstart program. For more about PCOS Diva, Amy’s philosophy and PCOS Diva’s programs, check out the About section of the website.

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21 thoughts on “They Said I’d Never Get Pregnant Naturally with PCOS… Here’s How I Proved Them Wrong

  1. Kelly Dobbs

    I’ve been trying to conceive for 7 years and have gone through 3 failed IVF cycles and several IUI’s without any results. Lately, I’ve been looking for alternatives to conventional medicine. I’ve heard some good things about this: and was hoping any of you had some feedback on it. Any response would be helpful, thanks!

    1. Recipe Team

      Hi Kelly: Thanks for reaching out. We are so sorry to hear that you are having troubles conceiving. We have several articles on Further Food that you might find helpful. I’ve included the links below. We hope this helps and wish you good luck.

  2. PCOSVeganChik

    Hey there! Thanks so much for the article! I have PCOS and did IVF 1x and we got pregnant. I miscarried at 10 weeks. I am thinking of going back to the fertility doctor for another round but i would LOVE for my body to get pregnant without medication. I am vegan and have been for a little over a year now. My menstrual cycle is a bit more normal since July of this year and maybe will continue that way (fingers crossed). I started tracking ovulation with a kit after my cycle is over but its such a short window! I have an appointment in September with fertility doc again, but I really hate prescription drugs.

  3. sharadashekar

    Hello Amy! Well said! About PCOS… Nutrition is one of the best ways to combat PCOS! Really amazing line.. I have PCOS since 2014… After marriage, I am not ovulating… Also, my periods were irregular… Am looking for fertility blog and I found your article. Which carries lots of information about PCOS. Mentioned points are very very important for PCOS. Also, we have to do some yoga for stress relief. Stress is the most important reason for PCOS. You know I love sugar from today I will avoid it for my health. Also, you mentioned about natural supplements which are useful. Thank you for this wonderful blog dear… Keep sharing… If I follow these ideas in my life and me to prove myself. Proud of you Amy! Looking forward…

  4. henlen grace

    my name is grace jose, i want to tell all the women in the world with no child that there is hope for you all, because i was also a barren woman, i had no child for the past 8 years and i contacted my doctor and he told me that there is no way on earth that i can ever getting pregnant,.. so i was confused and my husband was tired and told me that we should adopt a child, so i was so sad in such a way that i had to talk to a friend about adopting a child my friend told me to forget about adopting a child, with this she then introduced me to a spell caster whom i contacted and i explained everything to him and immediately he told me not to worry that all my problems will be solved, so i believed and did as he asked me.After two week i went to the hospital for a total test and i found out that i was pregnant and today am now a mother, so if you are barren or childless kindly contact Dr PARA on his whatsapp number:+2349031111198 or emai him on so be a mother now

  5. Dena

    Congrats on your health journey 🙂 Healthy lifestyle is one of the best changes you can make when you have pcos, I didnt know i had pcos untill the doctors picked it up in an ultrasound, I was extremely unhealthy, 6months into my lifestyle change I feel pregnant (unplanned while on the pill), now we are ready to try for our second, we arent having much luck, i eat/drink super healthy but i’m under alot of stress which leads to being depressed, which is probably the reason we havent conceived. Its the hardest thing not thinking about wanting to get pregnant every minute of the day.
    How did you find the Institute of Integrative Nutrition? i’ve been reading into it for a while now?

  6. Lilo

    I am suffering with pcos. I am very depressed cz we want a baby. Its been one year that we try..
    I am taking clomid one capsule 50 mg but am not ovulating. Before taking clomid i was ovulating but i didnt know that i have pcos.
    I am depressed and i need support . Am 28 years old..
    Can you give me tips of your diet plz?

    1. Recipe Team

      We are so sorry to hear about your troubles. It can be very frustrating and difficult trying to get pregnant with PCOS. We suggest you consult with your medical care provider or a therapist who can help you and give you the support that you need. Additionally, here are some articles that may give you some help or suggestions:

      We encourage you to stay positive and seek help from family and friends as you work through this.
      Best of luck.

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  8. jane

    ive been just diagnosed with pcos and I’m so devastated I don’t know where to start from when it comes to natural treatment please help

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  15. Mobi

    Hi, I am mobi , I m married since 2o13, we are trying to concieve but I was diagnosed with pco’s last year . I have tried metmorphin and chlomid but we were not successful, my weight is increasing day by day .. I m trying to lose weight but it seems to be impossible. Please help me

  16. mnittoli25

    I was diagnosed with PCOS last year when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant and were not successful. I have been on Metformin ever since and still no luck. I find myself crying myself to sleep sometimes because I am so stressed and my husband and I are just ready to start a family. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with PCOS and the struggles with getting pregnant.


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