Our Story

Further Food is dedicated to helping you further your health with innovative food-based nutritional products. It was founded by Lillian Zhao and she shares her story here.

The Beginning

It all started with my mother. Coming from a family of Chinese medicine doctors, she championed ancient remedies and time-tested practices of healing using food as medicine. Growing up, the comforting simmer of her bone broth permeated the house. She always made sure that everyone in the family had their daily dose of broth as it was a powerful source of essential minerals and nourishment for good health. And anytime I became sick, my mom would turn to medicinal herbs from the farmer’s market, touting the healing benefits of roots and superfoods.

East Meets West

I carried these traditional practices with me into adulthood. Anytime I started to feel sick, I looked first into my diet and lifestyle to understand how it could be affecting my health. It was disheartening to see so many treatments and supplements focused on pharmaceutical solutions with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. All the things I knew from my heritage that were beneficial to holistic health—whole food ingredients, nutrient rich herbs and botanicals, meditation, a preventative approach—were missing. I was obsessed with understanding how and why Western medicine differed so greatly from Eastern medicine. 


I took a leap and quit my job.  For the next 2 years, I dedicated my life to understanding how thousands of people were using holistic remedies to heal.  And I discovered thousands of inspirational stories of lives changed and joy reclaimed through the use of holistic food and lifestyle changes that were – whether they knew it or not – inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Building A Community

Feeling inspired by these stories, I created the Further Food community, which became an online support network for people to share their stories about using natural and holistic remedies to help heal chronic illnesses. Within this community, we attracted renowned practitioners in integrated health, nutrition and herbal medicine who provided valuable guidance on holistic ways to heals.  It was the start of our mission to help more people transform their well-being. 


Today, we’re still committed to that same mission. And I’m so proud how we’ve evolved as a brand to offer products rooted in Eastern Medicine and endorsed by health experts that support holistic health in a way that empowers people to live full, vibrant and happy lives. 

Founder & CEO, Further Food


I love roasting cauliflower with Superfood Turmeric. Simply sprinkle it on cauliflower with curry powder, salt and pepper; toss with avocado oil and then roast on 500 for 20 min. Easy, delicious, and so healthy!