Our Story

Further Food is dedicated to helping you further your health with innovative food-based nutritional products. It was founded by Lillian Zhao and she shares her story here.

The Beginning

It started with my father. After years of good health, he began to suffer from diabetes. Not long after, one friend was diagnosed with IBS and another with Crohn’s disease. I was determined to help their recovery and turned to both my Chinese heritage and my business background for a solution.

Growing up, I could always smell the comforting simmer of bone broth wafting down to my bedroom. My mother was a passionate scientist from a family of Chinese medicine doctors, who championed ancient remedies and time-tested practices of healing using food as medicine. She made sure that I always had my daily dose of broth, knowing that it was a powerful source of collagen and essential minerals for good health. Each time any of my siblings or I became sick, she would turn to medicinal herbs first, teaching us the healing benefits of certain roots and superfoods.

So when my father and friends got sick, I wondered: who else was healing their chronic conditions with dietary and holistic remedies instead of modern pharmaceuticals? The answer, it turns out, was tens of thousands of people.

I wondered: who else was healing
their chronic conditions with
dietary and holistic remedies?

Building A Community

For the next 2 years of my life, I quit my job as an impact venture capitalist and dedicated my life to crowdsourcing the stories of thousands of people with chronic health conditions.

This attracted the attention of holistic health experts who were drawn to my vision for Further Food: to bring the proven, ancient healing practices in Eastern medicine to our busy, modern lives. Today, a select group of leading women’s health experts work with me to create products that really work, that they themselves want to use.

I am so proud to have created a company that inspires people to take control of their health, that treads lightly on our delicate planet and gives back to our community. I wake up every day excited to serve our community, and I am inspired by the millions of women and men we’ve helped to eat better and to further their health.

Founder & CEO, Further Food


I love roasting cauliflower with Superfood Turmeric. Simply sprinkle it on cauliflower with curry powder, salt and pepper; toss with avocado oil and then roast on 500 for 20 min. Easy, delicious, and so healthy!

Meet the team

It takes a village to build a business. In our case, a village of women. Meet the other women behind Further Food. We’re proud to be a women-owned business.


Sales & Marketing

At 25, I was diagnosed with IBS. My doctor said, “It’s not your diet. Just take Miralax twice a day.” I couldn’t fathom having to take Miralax forever and decided to take control.

By cutting out sugar & gluten, my brain fog disappeared, my energy levels spiked, and my gut health was finally in check.

When I discovered Further Food, I knew I had found my tribe: a community of believers who transformed their health through food. I love being a part of this badass team of women who get to rewrite the narrative on health.


I adore chocolate and can’t go a day without our Chocolate Collagen Plus Reishi Mushroom. I add a scoop to every recipe possible for a healthy, yet decadent treat.



As a mother, one of the hardest moments was navigating my teenage daughter’s Crohn’s disease diagnosis.

While doctors were quick to prescribe meds, we wanted to find alternative treatments. After years of searching, we found holistic doctors who helped us craft a healing, food and supplement-based plan.

I believe that every individual’s healing journey is different. And that we can continuously learn from each other. This is why I love being part of the Further Food team.


It has to be our Superfood Matcha.
I love adding a scoop to warmed almond milk for a nutritious and comforting drink as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Our Mission

Learn more about OUR MISSION to help you further your health and be a force for good.