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Sara: “I have lost 60 pounds since I started using Further Food Collagen eight months ago, and I couldn’t be happier!  Collagen protein was vital to my weight loss as putting it in my morning cup of coffee kept me feeling full until I have my first meal of the day.” <Read More here>

 Bryana: “I recently started taking Further Food Collagen Peptides to help with my lupus symptoms, and I can honestly say it has changed my life: Now, I am able live life without any joint pain. My autoimmune disease affects my joints, and I used to experience severe pain in my knees and joints post workouts. Now that I use collagen, I can be active all day and exercise (with jumping jacks and squats), and no joint aches and pains the next day! My nails and hair have also grown like crazy (added bonus!). I mix my collagen in milk, juices, and pancake batter (homemade-not the packaged stuff!)-it dissolves easily with no taste and texture” <Read More here>

Julie: “ I was still struggling with pain, brain fog and fatigue that comes from Multiple Sclerosis, when I found a new superfood, Further Food Collagen, that has miraculously helped lift my brain fog! I can’t believe it – it’s a benefit that I wasn’t expecting. In the past several weeks and months since I’ve been eating collagen peptides, I’ve been able to focus and think better! Further Food Collagen Peptides has also help my hair and eyelashes feel fuller. Once again, I am amazed about the power of food as medicine!”<Read More here>

Stefanie : ” As a mom and health coach, I am a strong believer in power, protein filled breakfasts. Enter collagen powder. Further Food Collagen Peptides is tasteless and odorless, which means it’s great for picky eaters. My kids never know it’s in there! It works in smoothies and it melts into oatmeal, making it a perfect protein for kids. It’s a clean, pure protein without any sugar or preservatives, so I don’t have to worry about any harmful additives or ingredients. It’s a great supplement for the entire family. I add it to my kids’ breakfasts — and my husband’s and my own — to ensure that we leave the breakfast table feeling full.” <Read More here>

Phyllis:  “I am so thrilled about the benefits of collagen! I have lost over 70 pounds using Further Food Collagen and my health has never been better. I used to struggle with digestive problems,debilitating back pain, and red, scarred skin. Since taking collagen protein daily, I have seen a noticeable reduction in my medical problems – the benefits are remarkable. There are no more bouts of diverticulitis that would lead to me being hospitalized; no gas, bloating or digestive issues. I don’t even get heartburn anymore.” <Read More here>

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