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Dr. Jennifer Wolkin

Condition: Expert in: Gut Health, IBS, SIBO, Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia , Trauma, Mental Health, Heart Health

Foods I Love:


Foods I Avoid:

Ice Cream

My Story

Hi, my name is Dr. Jen, and I’m a NYC-based licensed clinical psychologist, writer, speaker, and professor. I’ve embarked on a personal and professional journey during which I set out to mash-up my more formal scientific training with my more innate desire for artistic expression in order to heal mind, brain, body, soul.This began to manifest in the way I collaborated with my patients in their healing, as well as the way I sought out my own.

I recently founded which is a community of women who want to embrace all aspects of who they are: including our uniquely feminine neural tracts curving through our brains, AND the uniquely feminine curves of our bodies, no matter what shape or size. It’s a space for all women and all of our supporters to inspire accurate and accessible wellness ideas as we journey together towards a more holistic, healthy, and happy life!

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