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Ryan Warren, Nutritionist

Foods I Love:

Greek yogurt
Anything truffled

Foods I Avoid:

Fried food
Red meat
White bread
Swiss cheese

My Story

I have always loved food. And for the longest time, I wanted to be a doctor. For me, food and medicine were always seemingly disconnected interests. About two years ago, however, I found a way to merge these two passions. After completing my premed requirements at the undergraduate level, I worked in medical research at Weill Cornell/New York Presbyterian Hospital in the field of gastroenterology, all the while preparing myself for the possibility of going to medical school. Working with patients with inflammatory bowel disease (namely Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), I began to notice just how integral diet modifications could be in mediating the symptoms of these life-altering diseases. It was amazing to see how food could “heal” these patients just as effectively, if not more so, than actual medicine. Inspired by the healing power of food, I decided to forgo medical school and become a registered dietician!

I am now pursuing a Masters of Science in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition at New York University. It is my hope that I will eventually be able to use my skills to help others utilize food as a change agent to restore health. With my own family history of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the interrelatedness of diet and health particularly hits home on a more personal level as well. Now, as part of the Further Food team, I’m excited to help the broader community learn and understand how transformative food can really be!

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