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Shain Fike

Title: Personal Chef, Yoga Teacher & Creative Entrepreneur

Foods I Love:

Fruits, especially stone fruits like peaches and apricots
Leafy greens
Sweet potatoes
Pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Wild rice
Wild salmon
Tuna steak
Organic, sustainably raised beef & game.

Foods I Avoid:

Sugar (I opt for coconut sugar)
Hybridized wheat products

My Recipes & Articles

My Story

I was was an obese child, suffering from allergies and low self esteem. The bulk of my diet consisted of fast food and junk.  My father was a smoker and chronic alcoholic and exercise was almost non-existent in my household.

When I left for college, I knew I could be greater than I was and by opening my mind and my heart a slow transformation started to begin. I started exercising, I cut out sodas, I gradually cut back on processed food and fast food. Now the journey continues.

I have learned through trial and error that nutrition is the key factor to our health. Like you, I will strive to be my personal best, and this constant evolution gives me a glimpse of what we all can achieve.

Given my chosen profession it’s extremely important I stay balanced and healthy and that’s why I am here. What we put into our bodies is paramount. I hope we all can continue to grow and evolve together. Thank you for visiting and sharing this journey with me!

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