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Carrot and Quinoa SuperFood Hummus


As a lover of hummus, I wanted to make my own, but in a form that would not cause an IBS meltdown! The traditional recipe calls for chickpeas, which I have replaced with a protein-rich cooked quinoa, whose mild flavor does not interfere with that of the tahini. The addition of carrots provide some extra vitamins and a hint of sweetness. And then my favorite ingredient is Superfood Turmeric, which adds 8 anti-inflammatory ingredients that are good for you and taste great!

You only need a few spoonfuls at a time, like with traditional hummus, as it is quite rich and wonderfully filling.

Further Food Commentary:

Wow, what a creative recipe! Who would have thought to swap chickpeas with quinoa to make hummus? Like chickpeas, quinoa also contains fiber and protein. Unlike chickpeas, quinoa is a high quality protein meaning that it contains all nine essential amino acids in the correct ratios. This antioxidant rich super-seed (yes, quinoa is a seed not a grain!) is naturally gluten-free and offers a subtle nutty flavor. Because it has more soluble fiber content than chickpeas, quinoa is oftentimes better tolerated by people with IBS than beans and legumes, which are higher in insoluble fiber.

By Nicole Hallissey, RD, CDN
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Carrot and Quinoa SuperFood Hummus

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  • Prep Time:5 minutes
  • Cook Time:0 minutes
  • Servings: 7


¾ cup cooked quinoa (cooled)

½ carrot (cooked, mashed, and cooled)

½ cup + 1 tablespoon tahini

2 tablespoons garlic infused oil

2-3 tablespoons cold water

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon Superfood Turmeric

½ lemon (squeezed)

Pinch of salt and black pepper


  1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.

Nutrition Information

Per Serving: (1 tbsp): Calories: 73; Total Fat: 5g; Saturated Fat: 2g; Monounsaturated Fat: 2g; Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 7mg; Potassium: 35mg; Carbohydrate: 6g; Fiber: 1g; Sugar: 1g; Protein: 1g

Nutrition Bonus: Vit A: 16%; Iron: 3%

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Lillian Zhao Administrator
I’m thrilled to welcome you to Further Food.
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These were the questions I was struggling with when I started Further Food.
Last year, my father was diagnosed with diabetes II. We were shocked because my mother cooks very healthfully. But my dad sneaks in a lot of processed, unhealthy foods while he was on the road, which is much of the time.  Sound familiar?
Around the same time, one of my best friends was struggling with IBS and another was going through a bad Ulcerative Colitis flare. I wanted to help, but didn't know how. So I turned to the internet to do research. But what I found was scattered, disorganized, and often depressing.  I got sucked into these forums, but couldn't easily find the information I was looking for. And that's when I thought  - there must be a better way to help people discover how to use food to combat various an easy-to-use, beautiful, and fun way!
And that's how Further Food was born. In my research, I have helped my dad change his diet. He is now 15 lbs lighter, has cut back on processed foods, and decreased his total daily carbs. The journey isn't over, but he's doing so much better! #winningdad. I've showed him Tiffany's inspiring story of how she reversed her diabetes and shared her "Phase I" meal plan with him.  My friend has changed her diet to dramatically to reduce her IBS symptoms, and I have recently introduced her to the FODMAP diet - one that I discovered from the contributors on Further Food!  With my urging, my other friend with Ulcerative Colitis, tried going gluten-free and found that his 'pain-level' dramatically reduced within a week of making the dietary changes!
These powerful experiences, along with the stories I hear daily from Further Food's Health Heroes, inspire me to keep going further.  I am so deeply honored to be spear-heading this important work of using crowd-sourced data to find food-based solutions for a variety of health conditions. I believe in the wisdom of your stories, the strength of our community, and in the power of celebrating food as we get healthy together.
Help us spread the word about what we're doing, because we're just getting started!
Bio: I have dedicated my career to building and funding mission driven companies, specifically in the health and wellness space. Further Food is the culmination of my experiences, and reflects my belief that companies should do well and do good. I am also a certified yoga teacher, and love to surf, run, tango, travel and cook. My BA is from Brown University and my MPP from Harvard University. 

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3 thoughts on “Carrot and Quinoa SuperFood Hummus

  1. Hannah Bornstein

    Love the super-creamy, fluffy texture of this! It’s a great idea for those sensitive to beans and still has tons of fiber and flavor!

  2. lowfodmapliving

    Yum! What a delicious spread! I just made this and thought to myself, “gosh, I just love knowing exactly what goes in my food,” as I was whipping it up. Snacks were one of the hardest “meals” for me to adjust to on the low FODMaP diet, so I am all over any new snack idea. I will most definitely be making this again. Thanks!


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