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6 Biohacks That Will Get You Healthy Fast, Says Health Coach Brian Comstock

biohacks get healthy fast from health coach brian comstock
Brian Comstock says his life’s mission is to go straight to the core of what works for health, and to break it down simply for his followers. By age 25, he quit his corporate tech sales job in Silicon Valley to dedicate his life to bettering his mind and body. He works to answer the question, “How to get or do X without compromising or losing Y?” Comstock’s goal is “biohacking” which will help us achieve health faster. Surely you’re intrigued now! Find six “biohacks” below that Comstock says will improve your health dramatically and easily. Maybe you’ve heard the term “biohacking” being thrown around but aren’t quite sure what to think. So what is it exactly? It’s basically a fancy term for “type As” experimenting with new contraptions, electrical stimulation devices, heat therapy, cold therapy and other such widgets and practices. (Guilty as charged!) Rather than share with you all the money I’ve wasted on biohacking products (which I’m open to doing upon request), I want to cut to the chase and give you the top six biohacks that are worth your time, money and effort. Leading with the appropriate disclaimer, you are not obliged to do all or any of these on any consistent basis. In fact, let’s call them extra credit upgrades for your health, optional and available when your time and dollars permit. 1. Fermented Foods Simply put, fermented foods contain probiotics, which improve gut health. And improved gut health leads to improved overall well-being and health. What to try? A few options include homemade kombucha, sauerkraut or kefir. Making any of these from scratch requires more time, but it is much more cost-effective than buying them pre-made. Find your own balance and preference for what you want to buy versus what you’ll do yourself. If making your own fermented foods is too daunting and you’re able to afford it, find a local, organic market to stock up on pre made fermented veggies. 2. Bone Broth and Collagen You’ve probably been hearing a lot about bone broth and collagen. Truth is that bone broth and collagen are some of the healthiest things out there! Although collagen and bone broth have received a lot of hype, research backs up many of the health benefit claims. From improved joint health, digestion, immunity, hair and skin, to aiding in weight loss, both bone broth and collagen deliver important health benefits. While both bone broth and collagen will supercharge your health, collagen is even better for you than just bone broth, which is derived from gelatin. Collagen peptides are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than gelatin so bone broth does not have the same healing abilities for our bodies as supplementing with collagen peptides. Just make sure you get your collagen from a reliable source and that it contains no added ingredients. That’s why I’ve been using Further Food Collagen. It’s an all natural source of grass fed collagen peptides that can supercharge your health by improving your skin, gut and joint health. Get an even bigger benefit by adding scoops of collagen peptides into your bone broth! 3. Organ Meats Fun and tasty? Not always, but really good for you. Organ meats (heart, liver and kidney) are one of the few food sources of harder-to-come-by essential nutrients, such as vitamin A (not beta-carotene). The convenient thing about fat-soluble vitamins is that your body can store them and use them when it needs to. If you can have one of these at least once a month, you’ll be giving yourself a superb boost. My advice: stock up on fat-soluble vitamin A for the proverbial winter! 4. Cold Thermogenesis Submerging yourself in cold for a brief period of time is a form of eustress, which is flippantly defined as “good stress.” Similar to the concept of working out, cold thermogenesis subjects your body to external stressors, prompting it to rebuild and recover, and to become stronger as a result. Options for cold thermogenesis are plentiful: cold showers (most accessible); a dip into a cold pool, lake or ocean; Cryotherapy; or pretty much any environment below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Build up to about 20 minutes for a whole host of benefits, including (and arguably the most interesting) the development of brown fat/adipose tissue, which increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat more quickly! 5. Heat Therapy Heat therapy is the opposite equivalent of cold therapy/thermogenesis. It has the same eustress concept, with slightly different yet still buzz-worthy benefits, like detoxification and skin purification. A dry sauna is a better option than a moist steam room and an infrared sauna is better than the traditional dry sauna. If you are die-hard about your health, detoxing and heat therapy, you can even go so far as to purchase your own sauna. Be sure to go with a low-EMF one so you don’t microwave yourself with damaging electromagnetic pollution. Bonus tip: heat and cold therapy work well in tandem, so bounce from one to the other (i.e. sauna session straight to a cold shower). 6. Nature Grounding, earthing, forest bathing… so many options to get you in touch with or exposed to nature. You will definitely reap the benefits of spending time outdoors. Science is now proving what we know to be obviously true: if you lock people in concrete and noise-polluting jungles (#citylife), their stress and cortisol levels will rise. While going on a hike or getting in touch with nature is the simplest antidote to reverse these deleterious effects, even smelling pine measurably lowers one’s cortisol levels. It’s free, fast and fun! Go outside, find your nature and take off your shoes! If you’re open minded and willing to experiment a little, give a few of these biohacks a shot. Track your own improvement in energy and well-being. Because, if there’s one life pillar to double down on, it’s your health! Get more of Brian’s life hacks at SimpleMadeSexy BE HEALTHY EVERY DAY with Further Food Collagen Peptides! Collagen heals your body from the inside out. Learn more here! Join our Free Collagen Breakfast Challenge and WIN a 3-month supply of Further Food Collagen Sign up here! Want to read more? Use Plants Instead of Meds! 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