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Got Cancer? Why You Need to Remove Sugar From Your Diet Now

Elissa eventually successfully cut out sugar from her diet as she fought and survived Lymphoma. She has since become a holistic nutritionist and health coach and explains the connection between cancer and sugar - or the "cancer sugar connection", and why if you or a loved one has cancer, it’s essential do a sugar detox to remove all processed sugar from your diet. Fighting cancer is tough and takes every bit of strength you have; I know this firsthand. Unfortunately I did not go into my cancer diagnosis full of the wisdom and experience that I have now. And I definitely did not have all the tools and information I needed to help my husband Marc when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma several years after my own battle with cancer. Marc always ate a lot of sugar, and he kept eating the sugary treats throughout his chemo treatments. Now I understand that the sugar was actually aggravating his cancer and preventing him from recovering. Further Food 10 Day Sugar Detox I have since then made nutrition my focus and career, and I try to provide the support and guidance that we didn’t have when my husband and I battled cancer. Proper and guided nutrition is essential in helping with your conventional treatment methods, by slowing growth and decreasing inflammation, keeping your body strong to help with treatments such as chemotherapy. My advice to everyone: refined, processed sugars ingested in the form of simple carbs are detrimental to your health and even more so when dealing with cancer. Although sugars might give you a short-term boost of energy, they provide you with zero of the nutritional benefits you need to fight this disease, and this cancer sugar connection can hinder your efforts to recover. In fact, sugar is one of the main substances that keeps cancer alive. Medical research shows that cancer cells thrive on a sugar rich diet and respond to sugars like fertilizer. To a cancer cell, glucose acts as fuel; while a normal healthy cell would die off in this environment, cancer cells have the opposite reactions. Additionally, high insulin levels caused by a sugar rich diet damage your immune system by increasing inflammation throughout your body. And you need the strongest immune system possible to fight off cancer and all those nasty infections that often come along as side effects of treatments. That’s why we need to cut out all sugars and stop feeding the cancer. You need to remove the cancer sugar connection. You can start by doing a sugar detox, but then it’s essential to stick with a no sugar diet. This includes white bread, white rice, enriched pastas, certain high sugar fruits, and fruit and vegetable juices. Reducing sugars and eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet will give your body optimal immunity and your best fighting chance. Support your body, and if you’re helping someone in their own cancer battle, you can help them by preparing healthy and wholesome sugar-free meals. Further Food 10 Day Sugar Detox Want to read more? Take the Sugar Pledge and Join Our Free Sugar Detox Challenge! To Anyone Questioning If Diet Changes Can Cure Cancer. Hear My Story. Just Diagnosed with Fatty Liver? Dr. Hyman Says Sugar, Not Fat, is Your Enemy!

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