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Collagen for Skin: 6 Reasons to Add it to Your Skincare Routine

Collagen-for-Skin-6-Reasons-to-Add-it-to-Your-Skincare-Routine Further Food

Are you doing enough to take care of your skin? You might be missing an important component, collagen! And we’re not talking about expensive creams! Applying collagen topically simply can’t penetrate the skin enough to make a lasting difference. Taking collagen powder, on the other hand, works from the inside out to fortify and strengthen the dermal layer of our skin-which is exactly what we need for glowing youthful skin! Daily use of powdered collagen for skin can keep your skin thriving! It can help to reduce wrinkles and maintain that smooth, blemish-free look. Read more to find out what collagen is good for and why ingesting collagen is the key to glowing skin and how you can start today!

The upkeep of your skin is important to you. You moisturize, you apply your morning scrub and your nightly face masks. But do you use collagen? And we don’t mean using creams with collagen. We are talking about supplementing with collagen peptides such as Further Food Collagen. Consuming collagen powder as part of your skin care routine can help you maintain the young looking skin you want year round, from the harsh winter season through the drying heat of summer. Let’s dive deeper to learn more about the benefits of collagen powders and how consuming it regular use it to have beautiful, glowing skin.

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Collagen Benefits for Skin

The facts are all right here on how consuming collagen regularly can benefit your skin. This is all because collagen peptide powder hits beneath the skin, starting from where it all begins. Including collagen supplements in your skin care routine can help:

1. Smooth your skin and reduce wrinkles.

Considering collagen is the essential component of the dermis layer that is found within the skin, supplementing with collagen powder can benefit you in so many ways. Overall, collagen has anti-aging effects. Collagen for skin tightening is definitely the way to go. It can reduce the depth of facial wrinkles, smoothing it out and making you feel younger!

2. Increase skin durability and elasticity.

Elasticity simply refers to your skin’s ability to stretch, that is, to spring back when pulled or pressed. When you’re young, your skin has plentiful amounts of collagen and elastin. However, as you get older, you produce less and less of each protein, which is why in the elderly you may see sagging skin that has lost its tautness. Adding collagen to your skin care routine can contribute to improved skin elasticity by increasing your skin durability. By making your skin stronger and firmer, collagen peptides can prevent it from sagging and stretching permanently.

3. Promote skin hydration, leaving the skin soft to the touch.

Collagen has been shown to increase skin hydration. For example, one eight-week study that consisted of women ages 40 to 60 showed a 28% average increase in skin moisture levels! Additionally, 91% of the subjects reported having less dry skin after supplementing with collagen. Dry skin is harmless at first, but dry skin that is uncared for could lead to activation of eczema – that is, symptoms including cracking, inflammation, redness, and itchiness. Drinking plenty of water and consuming collagen will help your skin retain its moisture.

4. Hide cellulite.

Collagen can help you smooth cellulite by strengthening the dermis layer. Cellulite actually becomes more visible as our skin thins out, stretches, and eventually sags – all of which are natural parts of aging. However, because collagen is able to increase skin-collagen expression and improve skin elasticity and thickness as we said before, including collagen in your skin care routine is helpful in preventing the development of visible cellulite!

5. Fight acne scars and stretch marks.

What’s worse than dealing with acne is having scars that are left behind. Acne scars are actually caused by collagen damage in your skin! Supplementing with collagen can speed up collagen formation in the skin, therefore accelerating tissue repair that will heal your acne scars. Additionally, the same can be said for stretch marks! Promoting collagen production and improving collagen content in the skin will help fade stretch marks away and even prevent new ones from forming altogether!

6. Reduce skin damage associated with UV ray exposure.

Sun rays can be quite damaging to the skin. Overexposure to UV rays can break down your skin’s collagen. Considering that collagen helps to maintain the overall integrity, quality, and resilience of your skin, having it further broken down by UV rays can make us vulnerable to skin diseases and conditions, particularly skin cancer. Fortunately, by replacing the collagen that may be affected due to UV ray exposure, you are promoting healthy collagen levels. So by supplementing with collagen, you may also be protecting yourself from developing skin cancer, too!

What Does Collagen Do for Your Skin?

Collagen is such an important component of our skin, muscles, and tissue. Specifically, collagen is a special protein that makes up a majority of our skin (70% to be exact) and 90% of both our organic bone mass and connective tissue. While your body already produces collagen on its own, as we get older, the amount of collagen being produced decreases. This is where signs of aging sneak up on us – that includes anything from classic wrinkly skin to achy joints or cellulite. We often see aging in our skin despite all the creams, masks, etc. that we apply regularly.

Collagen Supplements for Skin

Oral collagen supplements are definitely the way to go if you want faster results and more long-term benefits to your skin. That’s because powdered collagen in peptide form is already broken down into its smallest particle size, so your body will absorb it quickly and you can start to reap the skin benefits from the inside out!

By consuming collagen as part of your daily skin care routine, you are directly supporting the dermis, which is the middle layer found within human skin. The dermis is where your sebaceous glands are located which are what help keep hair and skin moisturized. Indeed, there are studies that show that the oral ingestion of collagen peptides is instantly absorbed into the blood, thus being quickly delivered to your skin cells to start increasing skin-collagen expression at a faster rate!

By contrast, the collagen molecules in topical products and creams are just too big to be absorbed through your skin and into the bloodstream. So while topical products can be effective for providing immediate relief to your skin, oral collagen supplementation can have long term skin benefits that will keep you looking and feeling younger! What more could you ask for?

How To Use Collagen Powder for Skin

Collagen powder, which consists of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, is tasteless and odorless. So it can be added to not only your favorites smoothies and morning coffee or tea (yes, peptides can dissolve in both hot and cold liquids!), but it can also be added to just about anything. From tasty salad dressings to warm, sweet desserts, you won’t taste the many nutritious amino acids you’ll be benefiting from when you add collagen peptides into your daily routine. But you will feel and see the difference in your skin!

Collagen can be derived from multiple sources, the most popular being bovine and marine. Bovine collagen is made up of Type I and Type III collagen, and it is found in the bones or hides of cows. Marine collagen comes from fish and has the smallest particle size out of all the other collagen types, so marine collagen can be absorbed even faster!

Nevertheless, both are sustainable, natural sources of collagen that can be consumed and incorporated into your favorite recipes. Just make sure that you buy a sustainably sourced collagen: look for grass-fed, pasture raised bovine collagen and marine collagen that comes from wild-caught fish — these are the best collagen supplements for skin. Learn more about collagen here.

Collagen Can Be Your Skin’s Best Friend

Collagen powder is here to take care of you and help you maintain youthful, soft glowing skin. Do your body a favor by adding collagen powders to your skin routine. It’s actually really easy to do, and it goes deeper than any other moisturizer or lotion could! Plus it probably costs a lot less than some of those expensive creams sold out there!

While there is nothing wrong with aging, supplementing with collagen can help slow the process down so you can enjoy your signals of youth for longer. Consuming collagen will help you replenish the collagen that is depleting from your body as you get older. You are basically putting back in what you’re naturally using up. Give your body back what it needs with the best collagen powder for skin — it will surely thank you!

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