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Don’t fight with your kids over what they eat! A health coach recommends Further Food Collagen as a perfect protein for kids that her children love!

Mothering is hard. There’s developmental milestones and bullying, birthday parties and homework. And we want to make sure that our children are eating food that will support growth and sustain them throughout the day. One mom who is a health coach, found that Further Food Collagen is a clean protein for kids that is not only healthy, but something they actually ask for. As a health coach AND a mother of two growing girls (And another on the way!), it's really important for me to start our days with power breakfasts. I never introduced cereal as a go-to breakfast food in our house, because it's usually full of sugars, loaded with carbs and lacking in protein. And protein for kids is a necessity as they forge through their day. Instead, I try to focus on breakfasts like smoothies, oatmeal, farm-fresh grass-fed yogurt and eggs. One thing about the smoothies and oatmeal though? They can also lack protein. And children need more protein than adults to help their little bodies grow to be strong and healthy. It can be hard to get enough protein in my kids’ breakfasts, especially on mornings when we're in a rush. And when my kids chow down on carbs and healthy fat -- albeit whole grain carbs and healthy fat -- for any meal, chances are that they are hungry an hour later. Enter collagen powder. A secret weapon in the arsenal of mom tricks that’s the perfect protein for kids. Further Food Collagen Peptides is tasteless and odorless, which means it's easy and great for picky eaters. And it’s especially effective because it packs a protein punch that they never know is in there! It works to thicken up smoothies and it melts right into oatmeal, making it a perfect protein for kids. It’s a clean, pure powder without any sugar or preservatives, so I don’t have to worry about any harmful additives or ingredients. It’s a great supplement for the entire family. I add it to my kids’ breakfasts -- and my husband's and my own -- to ensure that we leave the breakfast table feeling full. My kids like the fun color of the Further Food Collagen packaging, so when they see it sitting on my pantry shelf, they actually ASK for it. "Mommy, can we have the pretty powder?" Sigh. They just want to be princesses when I'm just trying to make them Supergirls. At least this little container offers a little of both. Want to see if your kids love it too? Click here to try Further Food Collagen today! Want to read more? Sugar Detox Coach Finally Finds a Clean Protein Powder to Recommend to Clients 5 Surprising Ways Collagen Heals Your Gut and Aids in Digestion 12 Astounding Collagen Benefits! Backed by Science Back to School? Back to Work? 7 Protein & Energy-Packed Snacks To Fuel Your Week *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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