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I Lost 60 lbs Using Collagen Protein!! PLUS 4 Other Surprising Health Benefits I Discovered

I-Lost-60-lbs-Using-Collagen-Protein-PLUS-4-Other-Surprising-Health-Benefits-I-Discovered Further Food
Sara Kadlec is a mom of two who’s lost 60 pounds using collagen protein , and she is on a mission to lose 100! Sara believes Further Food Collagen peptides has helped with her drastic transformation. She explains that supplementing with Further Food Collagen not only has helped her every step of the way on her weight loss journey, but it has also improved her overall health. Here is Sara’s weight loss success story and 5 collagen benefits that will make you fall in love, too! I have lost 60 pounds and seen a significant improvement in the overall health of my body since I started using collagen eight months ago, and I couldn’t be happier. While it’s not magic, supplementing with Further Food Collagen peptides has definitely helped me make magic happen! In addition to supplementing daily with collagen protein, I’ve increased my workouts and improved my diet. But overall I believe collagen has led to my weight loss and played a significant role in my health transformation. Let me explain how I achieved this weight loss with collagen AND share the 5 amazing additional health benefits I experienced (HINT: better gut health and better poops!) . I have struggled with my weight off and on since I was a little girl. I have been on EVERY. SINGLE. DIET. I have checked out every diet book from the library, returned them and then checked them out again. At one point, I was 120 pounds heavier than when I got married. I have binged, I have purged, I have starved, I have punished and rewarded myself with food. I have numbed my emotional pain with the comfort of food. It has been my drug. My addiction. Starting my Health and Weight Transformation Finally about 8 months ago, I completely and drastically changed my way of eating. First, I had to do a significant amount of emotional work to change my habits. I had to learn to stop numbing myself with food and face the pain that I was shoving deep down inside. I had to talk about my emotions and the reasons behind why I struggled, and I am no longer ashamed of this part of my story because there is so much more to me than this. After doing a lot of emotional work, I focused on my diet. I had heard a lot about how collagen protein can help with weight loss, so I wanted to give it a try. I I started putting Further Food Collagen in my bulletproof coffee every morning and adding it to almost all the things I bake. I also mix it into smoothies, soups and stews. Then I changed my diet to the ketogenic way of eating and started using intermittent fasting, which means you consume your calories for the day in a specific time window. It can be a six-hour window, an eight-hour window or even every 24 hours. I typically would fast from 6 p.m. to noon the following day, and I would consume my meals during that six-hour period. I did this because I was fueling my body with fat and protein, while still allowing it to be in a fat adapted state. I adjust my fasting schedule depending on how my energy levels were, some weeks I fast only 3 days, sometimes I do it all 7 days. Through this new mindset and way of eating, combined with a lot of exercise, I have lost over 60 pounds! I’m not going to lie. It was hard, and I still have to make a conscious effort everyday to choose foods that will serve my body in the best way. I have to constantly adjust not only what I eat but when I eat, but I am so happy with the results! And it started with collagen. Collagen was vital to my weight loss as putting it in my morning cup of coffee kept me feeling full until I have my first meal of the day. Another collagen benefit for my weight loss? Supplementing with collagen is an excellent way to boost protein intake, an essential piece of the puzzle when you’re looking to build lean muscle and lose fat. The extra protein has been important to me as I workout a lot, including cardio workouts, hiking, and weight training. In addition to helping me achieve my fantastic weight loss, collagen has helped me in several other ways as well! Here’s the 5 other ways collagen has benefited my health and subsequently has changed my life. 1. Relief From Joint Pain One of the main reasons I started taking collagen was for knee pain. At 5’10”, and 287 pounds, my weight was a lot for my joints to take, and made it difficult to work out. Since I started using Further Food Collagen and losing weight, I’m thrilled to say my knee (the right was the worst) doesn’t grind or hurt nearly as much now when I workout. That’s especially helpful during squats and the stair-master! And I’m not alone in finding relief from joint pain thanks to collagen. Studies show that collagen benefits include a significant reduction in joint pain and stiffness related to osteoarthritis. 2. Pooping Yep, I said it. Regularity can be a huge issue for many people, especially those on a low carb, high fat diet. Another one of many collagen benefits is that it holds water in the intestines, which aids in digestion. And some of the main amino acids in collagen fight inflammation and can help heal your intestinal lining. A lot of medical issues begin in the gut, so why not use collagen to promote gut health? Since I started taking collagen consistently, I am more regular and less bloated. 3. Glowing Skin, Strong Nails, and Hair Growth In addition to gut health, regularity and relief from joint pain, collagen benefits your skin, nails and hair. Collagen increases skin elasticity and hydration, which helps prevent dry skin and leaves you glowing. Extreme weight loss can cause hair loss, but collagen has helped my hair grow longer and stronger than I have seen it in years! Other collagen benefits include helping to hide stretch marks and age spots, and improving the appearance of cellulite. Personally, I haven’t seen these benefits as much yet, but if I’m being honest, I’m not surprised. I’ve been overweight most of my life and had two babies, I can’t expect a complete miracle! I can say that I love collagen’s effect on my nails; they are stronger and not brittle at all, which builds my confidence and is a great added bonus for this very active mom. 4. Muscle Recovery One of my favorite things to do in the gym is to lift heavy weights—it makes me feel strong, sexy and confident. Heavy lifting causes muscle tears, which then repair stronger and bigger than before. The amino acids in collagen benefit muscles in the recovery phase, which is vital to overall strengthening. Using collagen regularly is also reported to help prevent injury in the gym and help the body recover from an existing injury because it strengthens our connective tissue and can increase bone mineral density. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder I’m in love with Further Food Collagen and why I plan to continue using it in my daily diet. If you can relate to my story, I encourage you to seek healing from the emotional pain that has led you to seek the comfort of food. I encourage you to stop hiding who you are in shame and to step into the freedom of acknowledging your story but not letting the dark parts define you. I encourage you to consider changing your diet and try intermittent fasting. And make sure to include Further Food Collagen in your diet-it will keep you full and provide a lot of other health benefits too! Summary of Why I Love Further Food Collagen
  • Collagen for Weight Loss: Daily intake of collagen protein in my coffee every morning helped me lose over 60 pounds!
  • Knee Pain Reduction: Collagen (and the weight loss) has given me noticeable relief from my knee pain
  • Gut and Digestive Health: Collagen has improved my gut health and digestion - I am more regular and have less bloating
  • Stronger Nails: Collagen helps promote glowing skin, strong nails and hair growth
  • Muscle Repair: The amino acids in collagen regularly helps repair and strengthen my muscles after heavy lifting
To learn more about Sara, check out her website The Bettered Blondie Want to read more? What is the Difference Between Collagen, Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Gelatin? A Nutritionist Explains I Said NO to Sugar and YES to Collagen and Then This Happened! Collagen Protein Benefits For An Active Lifestyle: Repairs and Prevents Injuries from Athletes to Yogis 5 Surprising Ways Collagen Heals Your Gut and Aids in Digestion *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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