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Going Sugar-Free? Your Handy Low Sugar Food List of What to Eat, What to Avoid

sugar free diet food list
Are you trying to follow a sugar free foods diet or have you signed up for the Further Food 10-Day Sugar Detox Plan? You might be wondering what sugar-free foods are okay to eat? We’ve created an easy-to-follow low sugar food list infographic of “yes”, “no”, and “limit” foods to help guide you on your no-sugar diet. This low sugar food list features all the foods you can enjoy, as well as some key sugar-rich culprits you should avoid (dried fruit, we’re looking at you!).
Further Food Sugar Free Diet, No Sugar Diet, 10-Day Sugar Detox Challenge Ready to look & feel amazing?
Print out this handy low sugar diet food list guide and put on your fridge or keep it in your bag. Use it when you’re eating out or when you’re trying to figure out what to cook on your no-sugar diet. We also have hundreds of no-sugar added recipes in our recipe database to make it even easier for you to follow a sugar-free diet. Taking steps to cut back on sugar could be one of the best actions you take for your health. Simply decreasing your daily intake could help you lose weight, lower your risk of disease and feel more energized. Now, how sweet is that? sugar free diet food guide, no sugar diet food list Sugar has been shown to be a main cause of chronic disease, including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, depression, dementia, and infertility. Yet, more than 70% of Americans eat over 3 times the recommended daily amount of sugar! That’s where our Challenge comes in. Our sugar detox will help you start to beat the addiction and take control of your health with sugar free foods. Take the #SUGARPLEDGE to cut out sugar from your life and feel the benefits which can include sustained energy throughout the day, improved focus, fewer cravings, clearer skin, weight loss and less anxiety. Sugar-free diet: Foods with no sugar It's super important to know foods without sugar and those that have added sugar. Our sugar-free food guide will help you determine foods with no sugar that you can eat during our sugar detox as well as anytime you want to follow a sugar free diet. Keep this sugar-free food guide handy with you-print it out or take a screen shot on your phone. Refer to the guide when you are at the market or out to dinner as a reminder of what foods you can eat. 10-Day Reset Program


What are the risks of consuming sugar?

Sugar is the general term for any of those sweet-tasting carbohydrates used in food. It's a quick way to get some fuel for the body, but high-sugar consumption can lead to a lot of health problems and complications. These range from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to cancer and depression. The more sugar you eat, the harder it is to stop. Therefore, eating lots of sugar may only make you crave even more sugar.

What are some sugar-free foods?

There are foods with no sugar and foods with added sugar. Foods that have no added sugar include all meats and seafood (sugar-free protein powders too like Further Food Collagen), and all spices. Vegetables do not have added sugar, and when it comes to fruit, try to eat low glycemic fruits, like blueberries and coconuts. All nuts, seeds, legumes, and beans are a go. Whole grains like brown rice are safe to eat. Drink unsweetened beverages and water, and that includes condiments too.

Which foods should I avoid on a no-sugar diet?

You should avoid sugar products: brown sugar, corn syrup, honey, etc. Anything that tastes super sweet are probably high in sugar. You should also avoid refined flours, condiments with added sugar (check the labels), dried fruit, and any artificial sweeteners. Bananas and potatoes are particularly high in sugar, and be weary of most beverages.

What foods should I limit on a sugar-free diet?

Foods that you can eat but in limit in consumption are monk fruit, stevia, and dark chocolate. You should be careful with your high glycemic fruit consumption, meaning you should limit your consumption of fruits like mangoes and grapes. Finally, dairy products should be limited as well, specifically yogurt, cheese, and milk. Eggs and butter, however, do not need to be worried about when it comes to sugar!
Meet your secret weapon in losing weight and keeping it off-Further Food Collagen! Collagen is more satiating than other protein powders and can help curb sugar cravings. Learn more HERE! Learn more! How to follow a sugar-free diet: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Sugar is Making You Age Faster! 10 New Sugar-Free Snack Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Cutting Out Sugar? 10 Surprising Foods Full of Hidden Sweeteners Sugar: What It’s Really Doing to Your Body Just Diagnosed with Prediabetes or Diabetes? 5 Easy Steps to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar

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