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Throwing a Party? Dazzle with Our Best Bites for a Healthier Table

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Party planning can be a big task, especially when it comes to navigating a menu for guests with dietary restrictions. But finding healthy but delicious appetizers that everyone can enjoy can doesn't have to be daunting! We’ve compiled these finger licking recipes from our members that are nutritious and delicious - perfect for your any gathering! Cheers to your health and happy eating! 1. Cucumber Canapes: Smoked salmon and avocado take center stage in this easy, elegant, perfectly-proportioned bites. The cucumber base is light and refreshing, perfect for those feeling weighed down by recent holiday feasting. 2. Carrot and Quinoa Hummus: Hummus is a go-to party staple, but we guarantee your guests have never had a spread quite like this. Instead of chickpeas, cooked and cooled quinoa provides the bulk of this quick dip, with a boost of sweetness (and nutrients!) from cooked carrots. Make sure you provide plenty of crudite and crackers, this one will keep guests coming back for more! 3. Sweet Potato Sliders: Quality protein and good fats are often hard to come by in holiday appetizers. These salmon sliders, nestled in a sweet potato “bun” are full of both, keeping party-goers satisfied and full of energy long past the ball-drop. 4. Kale and White Bean Bruschetta: Sure, traditional bruschetta has graced a holiday table or two, but this take, full of protein-packed white beans and nutrient dense kale, is a simple, satisfying and savory spin on the original. 5. Mexican Crab Cakes: For guests with dietary restrictions, these gluten-free and egg-free crab cakes will be heaven-on-earth. Lime and cilantro pack a powerful flavor punch, and pureed plantain serves as a binder. Come to think of it, they might just be a hit with the whole crowd. 6. Roasted Baby Eggplant: These little eggplants are a breeze to prepare, but are marvelously rich in color and flavor. Guests will love their creamy texture, and they are versatile enough to be served on their own, or as a dip that guests can scoop out. 7. Raw Vegan Brownie Bites: instead of dumping a package of nuts in a bowl, whip them up in a food processor. Natural ingredients make these brownie bites delicious AND nutritious. Dates provide natural sweetness and cacao lends a fudgy-richness that will render guests speechless when they learn these sweet treats are actually good for them! Note: PLEASE consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medications. The material on this site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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