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Chai Spiced Marshmallows (Fat-Free, Dairy-Free)

Chai-Spiced-Marshmallows-Fat-Free-Dairy-Free Further Food

These chai spiced marshmallows are delicious in hot cocoa, coffee, chai lattes and even by themselves! They give that little extra sweetness that you may want without going over the top!

Further Food Commentary:

These will be perfect in your warm beverages all winter long! Coming in at 0 g of fat, you can add a marshmallow or two to your morning coffee guilt-free! Further Food Premium Gelatin is an excellent ingredient for creating fat and sugar-free desserts because it has thickening and gelling properties without any of the added sugars and fat you typically see in desserts. If you're looking to cut the sugar from these marshmallows, try using stevia or dates instead!


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