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Cucumber Detox Juice aka Liquid Gold

Cucumber Detox Juice aka Liquid Gold

Last summer, I put the word out to friends: I’ll take your overabundance of cukes and turn them into liquid gold. Mother Nature’s cucumbers contain a high percentage of water—which is so important in the heat of summer, but also throughout the year Cucumbers also provide an array of health promoting phytonutrients, flavonoids, and lignin’s. They’re an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, biotin, silica (great for your nails!) and vitamin B1. The optional Further Food Collagen helps to improve gut health, while also strengthening hair and nails.

And as I recently discovered, during times of stress, drinking cucumber juice can bring balance and energy.

Here’s my favorite way to juice this powerhouse into Liquid Gold.

Further Food Commentary:

Holli has it right; cucumbers, although 96% water, are nutrition powerhouses. This recipe is also a great idea for those of you who aren't necessarily a fan of plain old water. Hydration is key to every aspect of your health, and it doesn't hurt to squeeze in a few nutrients while you drink up!

By Katie Bishop, MS, Nutritionist


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