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Dairy-Free, Cocoa-Free Carob Chocolates

dairy and cocoa free "chocolates" with carob and coconut oil

Valentine’s Day is full of temptation with so much chocolate in the shops. Unfortunately, with multiple food sensitivities, including dairy intolerance and a bad reaction to cocoa, I cannot eat chocolates any more. I was really missing them. I was put off trying some of the other “chocolate” recipes I have come across, as they seemed quite complicated. With a few minutes to spare while prepping for a Valentines Day dinner party, I decided to try my own version. I am so glad I did!

Further Food Commentary:

Chocolate is a delicious treat and for those who cannot tolerate cacao, carob is a great substitute. Carob is high in antioxidants thanks to the polyphenols it contains and it has been shown to lower cholesterol. It is also high in calcium and in selenium a mineral important for overall health that’s not so easy to find. Without using simple sugars, this is an excellent treat!

By Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN


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