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“Golden Milk” Turmeric Latte Tea

Golden-Milk-Turmeric-Latte-Tea Further Food

Turmeric is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is a warming spice that compliments many dishes. The secret of this ancient spice is curcumin, a compound well-studied for its health benefits. Turmeric contains up to 3% curcumin by weight. Curcumin is believed to halt an enzyme that may be responsible for turning environmental toxins into carcinogens in the body. Curcumin may also improve digestion of fats and sugars and help alleviate inflammation in the digestive system. Turmeric tea has also been attributed to liver detoxification, arthritis relief, and even as a cold remedy which is really helpful during the winter season! I add special ingredients you don’t find in most Golden Milk Tea recipes – collagen and MCT Oil – to make my version an extra nutrient-dense, satiating, blood-sugar balancing beverage. I even sip this in the morning if I am doing an intermittent fast to keep my brain sharp and hormones balanced.

Further Food Commentary:

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It can help alleviate many inflammatory processes throughout the body including bone and joint pain as well as inflammation on the skin! It is additionally high in manganese, iron, fiber, and vitamin C. Adding collagen to this turmeric tea adds a nice protein boost and can provide further help to bones, joint, and skin. Collagen can additionally help heal the gut lining. Can't go wrong with this latte!


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