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Matcha Green Smoothie (Vegetarian)

Matcha Green Smoothie (Vegetarian)

Even though I’m a natural foods chef and have heard about matcha for years, it wasn’t until recently that I had the taste for it. Now, I would not say I’m obsessed with the green leaves, but have found it a pleasant and grounding way to start the day. I’ve been loving kickstarting the day with this Matcha Green Smoothie made with Superfood Matcha.

I prefer this slightly warm or at room temperature, but if you prefer a cooler, creamier feeling, use a frozen banana or add some ice! This is the perfect quick but nourishing breakfasts for those busy mornings, or even a lazier morning when you just feel like having a smoothie, it’s that yummy!

Smoothies are such an easy and great way to get tons of fruits and veggies in before your day even begins!

Further Food Commentary:

Matcha is a finely ground powder made from high quality green tea leaves and original from Japan. This finely milled green tea is becoming very popular for its intense rich, smooth flavor, its vivid green color and specially its high antioxidant content.


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