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Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

Matcha lattes are popping up on coffee and tea menus everywhere. While the presentation is often so fancy, in reality matcha lattes are easy to make. Just mix matcha with hot water and whisk well. Then add heated milk and sweetener of your choice and whisk well again. A bamboo whisk helps to really make this drink frothy but it is not necessary-a spoon will do the trick too!

This recipe is made with Superfood Matcha which contains matcha as well as antioxidant rich wheatgrass, and stress relieving ashwagandha and cordyceps. You’ll get energized and more focused from the matcha, and then feel calmer and more relaxed thanks to ashwagandha and cordyceps. So make yourself a nice hot matcha latte and sit and enjoy the zen feeling!

Further Food Commentary:

Matcha is a natural detoxifier and an excellent source of antioxidants so matcha lattes are of course great for all year round but especially for the upcoming cold winter months when you may require an extra immunity boost! Matcha is also known for its natural detoxifying properties and helps to protect the liver so this matcha latte is just what you will need after your New Years eve, enjoy!


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