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Powerful Cacao-Maca Coffee Recipe

Powerful-Cacao-Maca-Coffee-Recipe Further Food

This maca coffee recipe has so many benefits that come from all the superfood ingredients, from maca to collagen. I started using coconut oil in my maca coffee after reading about the benefits of MCT oil, a la Bulletproof” style. Coconut oil is loaded with fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are quickly absorbed by the body, providing a boost of energy, as well as helping to speed up metabolism. Additionally, coconut oil can raise levels of HDL cholesterol, which can help protect against heart disease. In addition to putting coconut oil in this maca coffee recipe, I started adding other ingredients to this maca coffee, including all the superfoods that I wanted to include in my daily routine.

Maca is a plant that grows in Peru and has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Maca root, which is the part of the plant that is most commonly used, is rich in vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. Maca contains iron and iodine, which help to promote healthy cells and can help keep your metabolism on track. Maca also supplies a lot of potassium which helps digestion, as well as helping promote muscle recovery And on top of all these benefits, maca also contains plant sterols and glucosinolates, which are compounds believed to have anti cancer qualities.

In addition to all the nutritional value that maca provides, maca and maca coffee are often used for their ability to improve libido and fertility. In fact, there has been some research that has found that drinking maca or maca coffee can improve sperm concentration and motility in men. I use maca because I struggle with irregular cycles and had low T3 since the birth of my second daughter. Maca is also used by women to help ease hot flashes and other postmenopausal symptoms.

Additionally, maca is a natural source of energy and has even been used for its mood boosting benefits. Many people tout maca for its ability to give you energy without added jitters. Some athletes use maca to help maintain sustained energy. So many benefits to adding maca to your coffee!

If you are concerned about the caffeine or jitters that some people get from coffee, you can even make a maca coffee without any coffee. I like putting coffee in this drink, but I just make sure to brew weak organic coffee, so I get some of the benefits of coffee without too much caffeine.

In addition to the coconut oil, maca and coffee, I also add a few other powerful ingredients to this maca coffee recipe. First I add a teaspoon of cacao to this maca coffee for its antioxidant properties and association with longevity (not to mention the taste). Then I love adding some vanilla, both for the flavor, and you may not know this, but vanilla also provides some anti-inflammatory properties. TheFurther Food Collagen has a lot of benefits, from helping you stay fuller longer to helping heal the gut, improve your skin and strengthen bones and joints. Collagen simply blends into this maca coffee recipe without changing the texture in any way. While this recipe calls for unflavored collagen, you can also amp up the flavor of this maca coffee recipe by substituting a scoop (or two) of eitherFurther Food Chocolate CollagenorFurther Food Vanilla Collagen. Both provide the same amazing benefits of collagen, plus they also contain functional mushrooms which are true superfoods!

Overall, when I make this maca coffee, I am careful not to overdo any one ingredient, as too much maca, cacao, or caffeine can make me jittery — moderation is key for me, in all things. Now my maca coffee feels decadent and energy-boosting without being overstimulating.

The maca coffee recipe itself is super easy-simply add all the ingredients into your blender, mix for about 30 seconds and your tasty, healthy coffee is good to go! You can drink this hot or iced-either way, I know you will love this delicious maca coffee. Enjoy!

Further Food Commentary:

This power maca coffee recipe is sure to kick your morning into gear and keep you going to lunch. Coconut oil and milk is responsible for the "good" fats in this drink which keep you fuller longer. The lauric acid in coconuts helps maintain cholesterol levels by raising healthy HDL levels, reducing risk for Coronary Heart Disease. Maca is plentiful in vitamins E, C, B and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron. Iron(for anemia), which is particular hard to meet the daily requirements provides 12% in this drink alone! You may not think of salt of having health benefits but Himalayan salt provides over 80 minerals. The advantages include creating an electrolyte balance, prevents muscles from cramping and helps to dissolve and remove toxins.

By Ale Zozos


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