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Turmeric Spiced Chickpea and Artichoke Saute

Turmeric-Spiced-Chickpea-and-Artichoke-Saute Further Food

When going for multiple smaller meals throughout a day, time becomes more of a factor when planning your day or week. This dish is a quick one-pan preparation and when served with brown rice turns from side to main dish, becoming a whole meal of complete protein. Artichokes add fiber and vitamins C and K (extremely important for those with liver issues). The combining of Superfood Turmeric and pepper and your main seasonings also aids in bile production. Beyond being a tasty and exotic dish in flavor, it is packed with everything the liver needs to filter at its best!

Further Food Commentary:

Because chronic liver disease, as Ian has, can impede the body's ability to maintain adequate levels of glycogen - which keeps up energy levels in the fasting state - smaller and more frequent meals are important. Using plant-based proteins provides essential amino acids needed to maintain and/or restore healthy tissues but are easier to digest than their animal counterparts. Bile secretion, necessary for proper breakdown of fats, is often reduced with chronic liver disease (as is proper protein digestion and metabolism), so animal sources of proteins that also contain a good deal of saturated fats can be harder on the body.

The fiber from the beans, rice and artichokes lets the meal digest more slowly, helping to regulate blood sugar levels.

Bonus - combining turmeric with black pepper and omega-3 rich olive oil enhances the body's ability to absorb curcumin, the property in turmeric that makes it such a potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing spice.


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