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Vegan and Protein Packed Lentil and Bean Tomato Stew

vegan and protein packed lentil and bean tomato stew high fiber high iron|

As a kid, I didn’t grow up eating beans and lentils. It wasn’t part of our diet at all. I started eating them in NYC a few years back and started cooking them very recently.

I find legumes very satisfying and filling. As a vegetarian, I am often missing my protein and this stew, believe it or not, offers a hefty dose of protein.

This is a very easy recipe as all you need to do is throw the ingredients in the large casserole. The more it cooks, the tastier.

To add some flavors to the beans and lentils, they are mixed with some of my favorite spices, like Superfood Turmeric, paprika and cumin but also tomato sauce and mushrooms. How delicious is that??

Further Food Commentary:

Lentils are not only one of the oldest commonly consumed legumes, but they're one of the most nutrient dense--filled with potassium, fiber, folate, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin K. Be forewarned, if you're adding into your meals for the first time, flatulence may occur too with the extra fiber intake. Each cup contains 18 g protein, less than 1 g fat, 0 cholesterol and a minuscule amount of fat. For optimal intake, since lentils don't contain all the essential amino acids, it's suggested to consume them with whole wheat bread or rice for a complete protein. The herb cumin has a history of being taken for digestion problems (e.g. diarrhea, gas, bowel spasms), yet as a flavoring component in dishes, it contains the heart healthy antioxidant, curcumin. For each tablespoon of ground cumin, it contains only 10 mg of sodium and by cooking with it, it can help prevent iron deficiency since it contains 22% of Daily Value/4 mg of iron. One will see cumin used in curry, curry powder mixes, Indian spice mixes, European cheeses, Latin American dishes for beef and dips, Moroccan stews, tandoori chicken and Middle Eastern chicken salads.

By Nikki Nies, MS,RD, LD


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