Expert Spotlight with Andrea Beaman


This week Further Food is pleased to spotlight Andrea Beaman, one of our holistic health and thyroid experts. After she was diagnosed with an “incurable” disease and her doctor recommended destroying her thyroid with radiation, Andrea took her health into her own hands. She decided to heal her body with natural, wholesome foods and lifestyle changes, which resulted in her thyroid readings returning to normal in just four months.

Andrea is a nationally renowned Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef who teaches classes and seminars at a range of institutions and has been featured on Top Chef, The View, CBS News and other outlets. She most recently published her fourth book, Happy Healthy Thyroid: The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally.

Whether your goal is to ease pain, boost your energy, sleep better or just improve how you feel on a daily basis, Andrea has advice for you. She’ll be answering your most pressing questions (for free!) all week long on Further Food. Simply post your questions in the comments section below. We’ve also compiled Andrea’s inspirational personal story, advice on healthy habits that could be harming your thyroid, beliefs about whether dairy is toxic to your body and much, much more.

Andrea Beaman’s Tips & Tricks

Ask Andrea Beaman Your Questions About Healing with Food
“How do I get out of this neverending cycle of exhaustion?,”  “Is eating dairy causing my health issues?” Share your questions with Andrea in the comments below. She’ll be on call to give you advice from March 28th – April 3rd.

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2 thoughts on “Expert Spotlight with Andrea Beaman

  1. Marti black

    I am just starting to see a naturopathic endo. I am hyperthyroid and not yet on medication. She wants to put me on a 2.5 mg daily dose of methimazole. I will agree since acupuncture and a therapeutic formula have alleviated symptoms but not brought my levels down, but I am not happy about it. I am a longtime vegetarian, which she knows, but she feels I probably have digestive issues like a lot of people with ht. I will not eat meat under any circumstances, but I understand I may have to give up wheat/gluten, beans (ach), most dairy, except for fermented kefir. Do you agree? It seems that my diet would be very unbalanced. As far as I can tell, I would have to end up eating mostly steamed vegetables and things like sauerkraut!


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