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Success Story: I Went on a Sugar Detox and Lost 50 lbs and Got Off Painkillers!


Michaella suffered from chronic pain. She went on a sugar detox and cut out all refined sugars. Miraculously her pain went away, she got off her painkillers, and lost 50 pounds. Find out below how she did it. Once you read Michaella’s story, you just might want to cut out sugar too! You can learn more about the 7 day Further Food Sugar Detox here. 

I was living with severe chronic pain – in my feet, legs, arms and hands. Normal daily activities like walking, holding a phone, or using a knife and fork were impossible for me to do without extreme pain. I saw countless doctors and had every possible test done-blood tests, MRIs, nerve conduction tests that looked for autoimmune diseases, MS, brain tumors, cysts or vitamin deficiencies. But none of them gave any conclusive reason on where my symptoms were coming from. The doctors were saying I was healthy and send me home with lots of prescriptions for painkillers. I felt stuck with no answers.  

One weekend, I went away with my boyfriend, and pigged out! I’m talking takeout pizza, fast food, cookies and candy. My pain was worse than ever. It got me thinking: if all the tests are saying my body is healthy, is it possible that I am putting something into my body that is causing the pain?  Can food have that effect?

So I decided to do an experiment. For one week, I completely cut out refined sugar from my diet. The results were astounding! After only a few days, my pain was completely gone, and I had taken myself off my painkiller meds. Plus, to top it all off, I lost 5 pounds!

I knew I was onto something, and I decided to stick with my new eating plain of no refined sugar or processed foods. Now, at the time of writing this article, 5 months down the line – I have dropped 3 dress sizes, 50 pounds, and my pain has never come back! Food really was the answer-to my pain and to my cure! No more sugar equals no more pain for me.

So, now you have read the beginning and the happy ending of my story, let’s get down to nitty gritty of what it was like to cut out refined sugars after a lifetime of eating lots of sugary treats.

When I started my sugar detox, I did a lot of research. I read blogs and articles to learn about what I could expect. When I first read about withdrawal symptoms, I was like ‘yeah right, no sleep-just from quitting refined sugar?! How dramatic!’ But seriously, withdrawal symptoms are real. Some of the withdrawal symptoms I experienced were:

  • Headache/brain fog, not too different from feeling jetlagged.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Irritability.
  • Nausea, this was not all the time (thankfully) I found it to mostly be mid-afternoon when I would normally have a sugary afternoon treat.
  • Sugar Cravings – oh the cravings, a particularly weak moment involved me holding a packet of Oreos up to my face and inhaling, deeply.

Now that I have terrified you with the withdrawal symptoms, I can tell you that they passed after only a few days, and that my body felt so much better without the sugary crap. After about 5 days, along with my pain disappearing, I noticed a few immediate positive changes:

  • Improved Sleep – I no longer struggled to fall asleep and was sleeping soundly throughout the night.
  • Energy – I used to have to drag myself out of bed but even after only 5 days, I found that I could easily get up and go in the mornings.
  • Balanced Mood – My mood felt consistent-no midafternoon lull that made me want to grab a sugary treat for a quick high.
  • Weight Loss – I lost 5 pounds the first week, and have continued to lose more since then.
  • No More Headaches – I used to regularly get headaches throughout the day. Now I don’t get headaches-ever.

Five months later, I have had some more fantastic long term changes which resulted from cutting out refined sugars and processed foods:

  • Continued Weight Loss – I have lost a total of 50 pounds and 3 dress sizes. This weight came off easily due to not being able to indulge in my old vices like chocolate bars and takeout.
  • Creativity in the Kitchen – When I say chocolate was a vice of mine, I really do mean it. I didn’t want to stop having my favorite treats, so I had to get creative with my recipes. I spent a lot of time playing around and experimenting and now have created tons of refined sugar free delicious muffins and snacks. I even started my own blog where I share my healthy, sugar free recipes.
  • Clear Skin – Before, my skin was dull, uneven and prone to breakouts. Your skin is a great indication of how your body is feeling on the inside. Now my skin is totally clear, shiny and has an even, smooth silky tone.
  • Shiny Hair – My hair feels much stronger and has a natural shine to it.

So, yes, there are aspects to cutting out refined sugar which are hard and if I’m honest, do totally suck – if only I had known my last donut was truly my last, I would have taken my time with it. But overall, the benefits heavily outweigh the few days of withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully, the short term and long term changes that happened to me when I cut out refined sugar will motivate you. Whether it’s for Further Food’s regular sugar detox challenge or right now, give it a try!




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4 thoughts on “Success Story: I Went on a Sugar Detox and Lost 50 lbs and Got Off Painkillers!

  1. Toni

    Michelle, I just read this now in the first week of 2019 and am wondering how you are doing. Has anyone responded to you outside this blog? I empathize with you because it seems that I can’t lose weight in any way except zero sugar, zero flour, and very little food of any kind every day. My most successful weight loss came when I was about your age and visiting Asia for three weeks. The norm during that visit was a daily repeat of small portions of veggie-heavy food 3x/day, a bit of rice, and rarely any sugar. I also drank a glass of red wine almost every night. I lost nearly 25 pounds and came home feeling better than I ever had in my life. I put the weight back on over the next several months when I went back to my U.S. routine, where sugar is everywhere. I am back to sugar- and flour-free now at the start of this new year and am trying to eat very little, even of the good stuff like frickin’ chopped salads. It’s as if my body wants me to eat very little and just deal with it. I’d really like to know how you’re doing, and I hope you’re well.

  2. Michelle

    A couple of months ago, I cut out all refined sugar, all fake sugar and all white flour. Exceptions: Once I ordered something at a restaurant that I expected to be one OK but it arrived with a flour tortilla as an integral part of the dish, and I ate it. And on one occasion, after about six weeks, I prepared a family favorite baked sourdough pancake which contains white flour for brunch, and I ate some, topped with an exotic syrup purchased on vacation that I’d wanted to taste. I essentially wanted to test myself and see if it would relapse me, but it didn’t make me feel like I had to have more. I cut my beloved Diet Coke. I’ve had zero sweet treats. I’ve eaten minimal fruit occasionally. I am mostly eating roasted veggies — lots of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and smaller amounts of other things. I eat eggs cooked with riced vegetables sometimes. I tried cutting dairy but didn’t notice that doing anything for me so have added some back (mostly, a sprinkling of cheese over a cauliflower and sweet potato baked frittata. I have occasionally eaten commercial salad dressing from restaurants that no doubt has sugar, but no bread, pasta, etc. I eat some beans and lentils. I eat small amounts of nuts occasionally. Until recently, I ate some kind of sugary and/or white floury sort of treat pretty much every day, and I’ve not had anything like that AT ALL. I drink more water than a camel that just arrived at an oasis. Even when we had free pizza at work, I ate a package of steamed riced cauliflower and sweet potatoes stirred in with a little ghee and a three links of sugarless chicken sausage while everybody else happily noshed on delicious pizza. I do not feel better, look better, sleep better. I feel free of food cravings, but I was expecting more than that. I have barely lost 10 pounds, and most of that was the first week, when I was eating Whole30 and starving. I was told if I was starving, it was because I wasn’t eating enough fat. So I started eating enough approved fats to not starve, and then the weight loss stopped. I couldn’t have sustained constant hunger much longer. I will eat ANYTHING from vegan to keto if it will make me lose weight but so far, cutting sugar and white flour hasn’t done a damned thing for me. I am at a complete loss to understand why everyone is gushing about how great they feel when I do not feel one bit different. I’m 52 and have been overweight since having my children in my 20s, though I was a skinny child. My hormones kick my ass every month but I’m no longer eating any sweets to deal with it. I am really, really tired of being fat. I weighed around 230 two months ago, and weight a tad over 220 today, and am stuck there. The only time I have gotten down to a healthy weight in my adult life is after a horrific divorce in 2002, when I was unable to eat more than a few bites of food a day for many weeks. I did lose then, because I essentially fasted. I wouldn’t repeat that experience for anything. And please, do not ask me if I’m secretly eating sugar. I promise I will strangle the next person who insists what I’m saying can’t be true. It is.

  3. Vickie Andereon-White

    I am just starting a sugar free cleanse. My biggest issue is my coffee. I usually drink a 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup coffee and a tsp of maple syrup. Can I use Cashew milk if it is sugar free. I am wondering about the natural sugars.
    Thanks in advance.


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