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Success Story: Why the Bone Broth Diet Healed My Client’s Celiac Symptoms When Avoiding Gluten Didn’t

Success Story: Why the Bone Broth Diet Healed My Client’s Celiac Symptoms When Avoiding Gluten Didn’t
Unlike Julie, Merris didn’t need to lose weight when she came to see me. Instead, she needed to save her life. Merris has celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that affects the intestines. When people with celiac disease eat any food containing gluten, their immune system attacks the villi, tiny structures in the intestines. The result: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, and absolute misery. The standard treatment for the disease is a strict avoidance of gluten. Merris had tried that for a year and a half, but it didn’t work. Her doctor suspected that she had refractory celiac disease — a severe and potentially fatal condition that’s treated with powerful immune-suppressing steroids and other dangerous drugs. Merris wanted a better solution. And when she saw me on TV one day talking about treating inflammation with food, she decided to give me a chance. After she followed my protocol for only 4 days, Merris’ severe diarrhea completely stopped. Within a month, her pain and cramps vanished. After being unable to sleep for more than an hour or two at a stretch, she could sleep soundly through the night. Now, at 66, Merris says, “I feel like a teenager.” She’s living proof that when it comes to autoimmune disease, the wrong foods can hurt or even kill you — and the right foods can heal you. Excerpted with permission from Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches — and Your Wrinkles! — in Just 21 Days! Looking to add some concentrated turmeric into your daily routine? Try taking a turmeric pill. Want more? You might also like: 9 Unexpected, Easy Ways to Make Healing Bone Broth To All the Vegetarians Out There: You Can Reap the Benefits of Bone Broth Too Success Story: The Bone Broth Diet Helped My Client Melt Away 30 Pounds This Doctor Prescribes 8 Steps to Heal Your Gut to Lose Weight and Reverse Chronic Illness
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