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Expert Spotlight with Amy Medling

PCOS Diva Amy Medling
This week Further Food is pleased to spotlight Amy Medling, one of our experts on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). After suffering from PCOS symptoms for years, Amy found a way to heal and treat her symptoms naturally. She became a Certified Health Coach and founded PCOS Diva.com, where her mission is helping women get control of their PCOS symptoms and feel better physically and emotionally. Are you struggling with PCOS? Whether your goal is to lose weight or get pregnant, Amy has advice for you. She'll be answering your most pressing questions (for free!) all week long on Further Food. Simply post your questions in the comments section below. We've also compiled Amy's top 12 healthy habits for those with PCOS, her fertility and pregnancy advice, her thoughts on why chocolate can be part of a healthy diet, and much, much more. Amy Medling's Tips & Tricks
Amy Medling's Recipe Picks
Ask Amy! Your Questions About PCOS PCOS Diva Amy Medling"How do I give up dairy?," "Will I ever get pregnant naturally?" Share your questions with PCOS Diva in the comments below. She'll be on call to give you advice as well as share her recipes and health hacks from February 16-19.

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