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Cornflake Crumb Chicken Schnitzel


As a child my favourite dinner was schnitzel! The crunchy breadcrumbed exterior made meat so much more exciting.(I really wasn’t into roast and used to drown fish fingers in mayonnaise when I was forced to eat them. Nowadays my family has replaced wheaten breadcrumbs with the gluten-free and FODMAP friendly cornflake (which is arguably more tasty). The Superfood Turmeric is a blend of turmeric with 7 superfoods such as cinnamon, clove and ginger, which gives this chicken a nice warming flavor.

Instead of the traditional starchy accompaniments of mashed potato and peas I like to serve this with roasted capsicum, sweet potato fries and broccoli. And I always make enough schnitzel so I get to enjoy one for lunch the next day!

Further Food Commentary:

Ruby's crispy, herbed schnitzel made with crushed cornflakes in lieu of breadcrumbs will be a welcome addition to the recipe boxes of those following a gluten-free diet, or anyone who wants a new spin on an old classic! Not to mention those looking for quick methods of cooking chicken -- pounding it thin allows you to perfectly cook lean breast pieces in no time.

Note: If you're watching cholesterol, use 1 whole egg + 4 egg whites instead of 3 whole eggs. To cut down on calories and total fat, spritz crumbed schnitzel with olive or canola oil cooking spray, and "fry" in a preheated 450°F oven until fully cooked through, about 10 to 12 minutes. No mallet? Try a rolling pin or the bottom of a large, heavy skillet.

By Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN


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