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Dairy Free High Protein Brownies


I am a chocoholic. I also am gluten intolerant and very hypoglycemic. I try to be aware of my sugar and dessert intake while in prep for my kettlebell sport competitions. If I am building muscle as an athlete I want to make sure the food I take in is helping me instead of hurting me! I developed this brownies with things I had on hand one evening to satisfy a chocolate and sugar craving and they have been a hit ever since!

Further Food Commentary:

It’s easy to confuse coconut milk with coconut water, as the latter is lower calorie. To use coconut milk to its fullest without fixating on the 48 g of fat per cup, with 43 g deriving from saturated fat, I recommend using ‘lite’ coconut milk to swap out 2/3 fat and calories while still maintaining the flavor. The good news? In moderation, coconut milk may aid in improving immune function and skin and hair health while reducing heart disease risk.

By Nikki Nies, MS, Nutritionist


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