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Pumpkin Turmeric Spiced Anti-Inflammatory Baked Oats

Pumpkin-Turmeric-Spiced-Anti-Inflammatory-Baked-Oats Further Food

There’s something about a warm bowl of oats that is so comforting, any time of year! When I’ve got time, I like to bake my oats, because it makes the kitchen smell incredible and it tastes so indulgent while being very nutritious. Oats are very calming on the stomach and I find that I can digest them well. I also exercise in the morning before eating, so these oats with almond butter are a perfect post-workout refuel food. The Superfood Turmeric gives these baked oats a delicious chai spiced warming flavor with hints of cinnamon, clove and ginger. Plus it provides an anti-inflammatory immune boost to help me start my day!

Further Food Commentary:

Great story! Identifying your personal food triggers is key to managing IBS. Unlike traditional plain oats, this recipe is beaming with vitamin A and additional fiber (from the pumpkin puree), calcium (from fortified almond milk) and protein (from the egg and almond butter). For other readers with IBS, it is important to find out how fiber affects you. The quantity, type (insoluble vs. soluble fiber) and frequency of fiber intake can affect your GI tract in different ways.


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