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Sugar-Free Creamsicle Gummies

Sugar-Free-Creamsicle-Gummies Further Food

These creamsicle gummies are a delicious and nutritious treat! The full-fat coconut milk gives it an oh-so-creamy texture. It’s also loaded with nutrients and healthy fat. The recipe calls for stevia and erythritol, sweeteners that keep this treat low carb.

The main benefit of this sweet treat is that it’s packed with collagen, a protein that has some significant health benefits. It heals the gut by repairing intestinal damage. It soothes the joints and helps keep them healthy. It also beautifies the skin by keeping it elastic and ensuring skin cell regeneration and cohesion. Gelatin, which is used in this recipe, is derived from collagen.

These creamsicle gummies will satisfy your sweet tooth while nourishing your body. It’s one of those sweet treats that you can safely indulge in. Try making them today!

Further Food Commentary:

The coconut milk in this recipe gives it a creamy consistency and lots of healthy fats. Additionally these gummies are loaded with collagen that has lots of health benefits, including helping with healing the gut and keeping your skin soft. The gelatin helps to give these gummies their soft consistency. So go ahead and treat yourself-this sweet treat is good for you!


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