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Turmeric Lassi aka “Beat the Bloat”

Turmeric-Lassi-aka-Beat-the-Bloat Further Food

This is my go-to drink when my IBS and digestive health takes a turn for the worse. Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to keep stomach acid from getting out of control. This magical spice also has a soothing effect on the bowels, calming them down and allowing them to function properly. I also love to add ginger to this drink since it also provides gastrointestinal relief and contains anti-inflammatory properties! Along with cinnamon to help stabilize the blood sugar levels, this smoothie is a win-win! I like to enjoy it first thing in the morning or make half of the recipe to calm and soothe IBS symptoms before bed!

Further Food Commentary:

Turmeric and ginger are potent anti-inflammatory spices, and are great for IBS symptom relief and overall digestion. The probiotics in yogurt are also great for repopulating “good” bacteria and increasing gut health. Banana adds potassium, a critical mineral needed for electrolyte balance.

It’s important to note that dairy can exacerbate IBS symptoms for some. Be mindful and notice how your body reacts to ingredients, like Blair has done. If you’re using a dairy-free yogurt, watch for carrageenan, a common thickening agent that can be an irritant.


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