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Top 3 Benefits of Magnesium (And How to Get More of It!)


 Let me get straight to the point: Magnesium is a miracle mineral. One of the seven essential macro minerals, it’s found in many foods, like spinach, nuts, black beans, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate. But many of us are lacking in this vital nutrient, and there’s a good chance you’re one of them!

Here’s why magnesium is vitally important to your health:

It’s good for your bones. Consuming the daily recommended amount of magnesium (310 to 320 mg for women; 400 to 420 mg for men) is linked to greater bone density and a lower risk of osteoporosis, especially for postmenopausal women.

It helps your body break down glucose. This essential mineral also plays a big part in metabolizing carbohydrates and glucose, which is especially helpful to those with diabetes. Studies have shown that an intake of between 300 and 365 mg per day significantly improves insulin sensitivity.

It supports a healthy heart. Since magnesium helps keeps your muscles healthy, that includes an important one, your heart! Additionally, researchers have found that those with a high magnesium intake have a lower chance of coronary and abdominal artery calcification.

Most notably, magnesium calms your body, which not only helps you fall and stay asleep, but also eases symptoms of constipation and migraines. It relaxes your muscles and blood vessels, helping create space for your organs and cells to do their job, especially while you sleep.

Along with consuming magnesium-packed foods like almonds, sunflower seeds, whole grains like oatmeal, broccoli and others that I’ve mentioned above, here are some more ways to up your intake of these miracle mineral:

  • Enjoy a hot bath each day with Epsom salts, which contain magnesium. Allow this essential mineral to absorb into your skin to relax tired, aching muscles and joints. You can purchase Epsom salts at most drug stores, grocery stores, or your health food store.
  • Have a cup of a magnesium drink. This powdered beverage comes in several flavors, and although you can have it any time of day, it may make you sleepy. I know yogis who drink this for breakfast, but personally, I’d be snoozing at my desk if I did. I enjoy it at night mixed with hot water.
  • Take magnesium capsules orally before bed to help you fall and stay asleep through the night. These capsules can be purchased at your health food store or online. I take them with me when I travel, and get my daily dose during the day. Note: If you’re consuming a magnesium drink, you will generally not need to take this mineral in capsule form. Certain health conditions may require use of both.


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One thought on “Top 3 Benefits of Magnesium (And How to Get More of It!)

  1. Megan T

    This is so interesting to me, considering I suffer from migraines. I never really think about my magnesium intake, but I think I should start paying more attention to it. If it can relax my blood vessels enough to prevent headaches (or at least ease them), it’s worth it.


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