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7 High Protein Desserts To Enjoy Guilt Free


Have you heard about the amazing benefits of collagen? Collagen is known for its ability to strengthen nails, hair, skin, bones and joints. And collagen provides a source of protein that can help keep you full longer and promote weight loss (You definitely need this in your life!). Using Further Food Collagen regularly can help you add this key protein into your diet, without adding any taste or texture to your food. Here’s 7 irresistibly delicious ways to add collagen protein to your recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt-free!


Carob-Coconut-Collagen Bombs

Hoping to satisfy your sweet tooth without a sugar headache? These Carob-Coconut-Collagen Bombs are the answer! These treats are sweet enough on their own (thanks to the carob oil and a few drops of vanilla), so there’s no need to add extra sugar. Plus, when you add  Further Food Collagen you get myriad health benefits including improved gut and joint health!



Maple Tahini Collagen Bliss Balls

These bliss balls are for the maple fans in the house! Combining maple syrup, tahini (a sesame seed paste), and coconut leaves you with a distinct flavor—without added sugar! The tahini provides iron, calcium and magnesium, and there’s also chia seeds in the recipe to add protein and fiber. These superfood ingredients, when combined with collagen, make for a healthy, sustaining, sugar-free treat that will treat your taste buds and keep you going all day.


Healthy Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie, especially when it’s crafted as a healthy, low-sugar option! These are made with nut butter, which gives them a creamy taste. Plus, they call for flax (which boosts your omega-3s!) instead of egg, and a few scoops of Further Food Collagen round out their hidden nutrition.

superfood chocolate coconut butter cups vegan low carb chaga

Superfood Chocolate Coconut Butter Cups

These superfood chocolate coconut treats sound decadent, and yet, they’re a delicious treat that’s not all that bad for you! These each pack MCT or coconut oil, raw cacao powder, matcha powder and Further Food Collagen. Talk about a line up of good-for-you foods! In addition, the recipe calls for chaga, know as a medicinal mushroom, which is believed to stimulate the immune system and help with fatigue and mental clarity.


Cinnamon Cashew Collagen Cookies

Who doesn’t love a cinnamony treat? These Cinnamon Cashew Collagen Cookies are packed with healthy cashews that contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants and can even lower your risk for cardiovascular disease! The Further Food Collagen rounds out this nutritional powerhouse cookie by helping keep your gut and joints working optimally. Enjoy anytime of day!


peanut butter banana oat cookies further collagen healthy dessert chia seeds

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Cookies

Peanut butter and bananas are a delicious combination alone, and when you add the goodness of chia seeds and Further Food Collagen to the mix, you’re hitting a home run. These crispy cookie balls are easy to make (maybe with the kids on a rainy afternoon?!), and have only three grams of sugar per serving. They also contain the benefits of protein from peanuts and collagen!


Toasted Coconut Cashew Protein Balls

These nutty protein balls are made with coconut and tree nuts, which provide a boost of healthy fats that can help lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease. Cashews also contain several nutrients that are good for overall health. And the Collagen gives these balls an extra protein and nutritional boost. These treats get their sweetness from almond butter and maple syrup; no extra sugar is needed.


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